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if variety is the spice of life...

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Then hospital trips/scans are the herb of death... or at very least bordum smiley - yawn

Hospital tomorrow morning, for another bone density scan... - at least it will be good to find out how my bone density has improved further, with no medical intervention... (I.E., without the orrible bisphosphonates that they wanted me to take... the ones that might have affected my hearing, and/or made my perlipheral neuropathy worse, to achieve a bone density improvement under what I've got with just exercise, diet and suppliments...)
ASssuming, of course, it has improved... and, of course assuming they ever tell me the results.

Currently have one 24 hour heart monitor set of results (over a year ago), a Cardiac MRI scan (over a year and a half), a cardiac echiocardiograph (OK only a few days back), a brain CT scan, and a Brain MRI (err, last sep/Nov), plus several blood tests I can't even recall whih, now, from a years worth of tests... all outstanding... no results given to me... - do I assume all are OK?; DO I even assume the results got seen by a DR? smiley - shrug

Seeing as how most of the time the Drs don't do anything based on results, I can't be overly bothered to find them out particularly... - Heck I was never given proper, clear clarification, about a scan in 2015, that shoed I had a pituitary tumour/brain tumour- no one ever followed it up... and the response from Drs was basically of the shrugging variety and "someone probably looked at it...." smiley - ermsmiley - alienfrown

Gym today. we had a c lient first thing, though whilst he was there, I got in 160 lat pull-downs, and 145 seated Row, at 21 and 28 KG respectively smiley - zen

Then we went to do some squats... I did my first set, W started to do his... and I got nabbed by our PT... "try this..."

So I did more squats, holding a 25 KG bar-weight, and then did squats, combined with shoulder shrugs, and overhead raises, with it... compounding the actions to a single movement smiley - zen

Then I did some shoulder work, with... some weights, not sure what they're called... odd movement, works the lower traps etc smiley - zen

Then did some playing about in the climbing frame thing; high kicks, dips, and sort-of shoulder dips; which, as much as they work the shoulders, work the lower pectoral muscles... - then some more squats, with a 20 KG weight, that was just nearby , before more dips, shoulder dip pectoral things, plus the high kicks in the cage, and some leg raises, then some stretching, before getting back to the regular squat rack, and doing another 50 regular squats, and then 50 hack-squats smiley - zen then came home... Via the halal butchers smiley - drool

got half a dozen merguez sausages, and a kilogram chicken breasts...

Chicken breasts are to make a large pot stew/curry/casserole tomorrow, probably with chickpeas, tomatos, and... what ever else we decide on...

Made a tomato based red split lentil dish for lunch, after gym, using the merguez sausages (however its spelt) smiley - zen

made potato wedges for dinner, and did some baked smoked haddock to go with that smiley - droolsmiley - erm

Hospital scan in the morning, early; so we're wearing gym stuff; as the gym is at the bus stop we get off at on the way home smiley - zensmiley - weird

no negative effects yet, of having stopped the thyroid medication; but still all the positive effects; heck I'm typing faster, and thinking faster, which is nice... and hearing better, and my spatial awareness is still way improved too smiley - zen
and smiley - blush err. my O is better too and, I'm 'feeling' emotions a bit more properly smiley - huhsmiley - erm

I don't think I'll be restarting the levothyroxin/thyroid med, whatever the Drs might say this time... smiley - shrug I might just walk from bothering with endocrine clinic apps, soon, and just organise private blood testing, and do my own DX, at least I might actually read my own blood results, unlike the Drs I see. smiley - erm - haven't had a sodium level measured (or reported back to me, anyhows), for ... months smiley - shrug

if variety is the spice of life...

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The Left Reverend Doktor Baron Grim

One thing I really like about the hospital system I'm currently using is I can get all my test results online via something called MyChart. They even have a mobile app. It doesn't explain much but it does show the range of results considered normal so I can tell if something is low or high.

if variety is the spice of life...

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

that would be so amazing useful!!!! - At least, once you've got the results; plus the lab specific 'normal range', you can look up, on labtestsonline, or simular, to see what normal means, and where/how good a given number/result is... plus of course search the interwebs, to find out what a given test, is actually testing/what it relates too... smiley - zensmiley - wah

had a decent nap yesturday afternoon, then cooked a massive pot of chickpea, cauliflower and chicken stew, which we had last night; will last tonight and tomorrow too smiley - zen

Broccolli and fish, for lunch today...

oh, and made it to pub last night, and had a really long sleep last night thanks to the smiley - zensmiley - ale

if variety is the spice of life...

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Pierce The Pirate ~ out of Hotblack Desiato mode again ~

We have something similar here. Only a few hours of delivering a blood sample I can see the results of all the tests done and if they are within normal range.

Plus I can read about operations, findings and who has been spying on my personal data. Or at least whose computer has been used to that end ...

smiley - pirate

if variety is the spice of life...

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The Left Reverend Doktor Baron Grim

Around mid December, I went in for a blood draw to check how my increased dosage of synthroid was working out (hoping it's too high as I'd rather stick with the lower dose) but they told me to hold off until after the new year so my body has had time to adjust. So, I messaged my Dr.'s office today to make sure they had an order for the blood test, to check if I needed to come in in the morning or if I could get it after work, and to let them know I have new insurance. I quickly got a reply that Yes, I could come in after work. So, I did.

And found out my blood test order expired on the 7th. smiley - facepalm

The phlebotomist took the blood anyway, saving me another trip, but this is starting to become a trend with my orders being messed up. Sstill, It beats the hell out of driving into Houston to go to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, fighting traffic and paying $10 for parking.

if variety is the spice of life...

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

So long as the Dr/nurse puts the blood tests required on 'the system', then I can just pop in when I like to hospital phlebotomy to have bloods taken; ignoring what the Drs say, of course, and instead of just 'turning up whenever', turn up at the correct* time of day, for the blood test concerned...

Problem is, they refuse to measure a couple of key, non-standard things, for my thyroid, despite my requests, whilst I've been taking the levothyroxine, so we are unable to see why its not only not worked, but made me worse, being on medication (specifically they won't do a complete iron panel, B12, and reverse T3 test)

I should have standard thyroid panel already on the system, to have bloods taken, but I'm waiting until 6 weeks after I last took levothyroxine, before I go in (6 weeks is the time for the synthetic to clear the body) smiley - zen Not, of course, that the Drs or nurses seem to know this 6-week rule; its also ment to be the minimum time between re-measuring thyroid levels, after a dose change in taking meds for it... smiley - headhurts

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if variety is the spice of life...

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