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and on the 8th day...

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

smiley - headhurtssmiley - groan the diorrhea continues smiley - wah albeit somewhat diminished... smiley - ill Not sure if its the illness/infection, or just the high-dose steroids making me feel so weak ATM... Most likely a combination...
Indications indicate (figures), that the infection is passing... but I think its gona take a while for certain parts of the anatomy to recover much to actually make it feel much like its improved... Bathroom trips are reducing and things have at least moved on from the passing nothing or only liquid stage smiley - illsmiley - shrug
Which is a definite improvement smiley - magic

went to the pub last night, two pints again. that seems to be helping get things moving correctly smiley - ermsmiley - scientistsmiley - porkpie

On the positive side of things, I've lost about 2.5 KG in weight smiley - wowsmiley - divasmiley - snork and even more clothes are lose on me than before... My favorite choc-brown velvet tight skirt, is... not overly tight anymore and is only just about able to be worn for fear of it just slipping over my hip bones smiley - wahsmiley - weird

A new leopard print per una dress arrived (EBay), and fits well, even if the lining/built in slip is a bit tricky to get organised c orrectly smiley - laugh

Walked to butchers this morning, got bacon, sausages, eggs, and black pudding... for my birthday breakfast tomorrow smiley - yikes I think I'll be 42 this year... although I'm sure I calculated it as my 17th birthday other's tend to disagree with my calculations smiley - ermsmiley - alienfrownsmiley - sleepy

haddock tonight, with baked cinnamon/sessamae cauliflower, and baked broccoli smiley - weird

Still must think about ordering a new phone, at some point soon, and doing all the transferring of music etc smiley - wahsmiley - groan

and on the 8th day...

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The Left Reverend Doktor Baron Grim

smiley - laugh Heh, I'm sure you know the difference between weight loss and dehydration, but even when you're miserable, it does feel a bit good when the bathroom scale says you're lighter.

and on the 8th day...

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Pierce The Pirate ~ out of Hotblack Desiato mode again ~

Are you taking any pro-biotics? I had a stomach problem last summer that lasted for months. Probably caused by some kind of food poisoning. I took something called Duolac for 30 days. Very helpful! Each capsule contained a total of 7 billion units of 6 different bacilluses like for instance Lactobacillus Acidopilus (1.23 billion units)

I also ate assorted yogurts and the like plus some grated apple which had been allowed to turn slightly brown because of oxygene as I was told this was good for me. It was - but whether this was because of the oxydation I have no idea.

Here's hoping you get better soon - and congrats on the weight loss!

smiley - pirate

and on the 8th day...

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Pierce The Pirate ~ out of Hotblack Desiato mode again ~

Oi, I forgot to tell ypu that I sprinkled my yogurt with Psyllium which you can read about here:

smiley - pirate

and on the 8th day...

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

I was planning on finding some lactobascillus type thingy, once things have settled a bit more... smiley - blush - TBH I'm not sure, given I've lost that weight, that much is actually retaining in my Body ATM smiley - laughsmiley - wah

It does seem to be getting a bit more normal, but with being on the high dose steroids its probably hard to say as the body can't clear infections correctly, nor do the 'clear up', to quieten down the immune response, post-infection smiley - cdouble

Mind, as it was my birthday gave me an excuss for a birthday breakfast today.... sausages... bacon.... eggs.... mushrooms... toast... black pudding... smiley - yikes - about 75% of my normal daily intake of calories, in one massive sodium rush smiley - laugh (contained nearly a whole days sodium in one meal - though I tend to do high on sodium as I tend to run low on sodium) smiley - zensmiley - weird

and on the 8th day...

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Pierce The Pirate ~ out of Hotblack Desiato mode again ~

Congrats! smiley - smiley

smiley - pirate

and on the 8th day...

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Good your appetite is returning!

and on the 8th day...

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

smiley - laugh My appertite went up hugely, when I was admitted to hospital... - Due to the steroids I guess... - my 'normal' steroid dose is 4 MG prednisolone a day... about 16 to 20 MG Hydrocortisone equivalent; I got 100 MG Hydrocortisone I.V, from the paramedic ambelence crew, then the same again at hospital... and then 25 MG hydrocortisone I.V., four times a day... - quite a high dose compaired to 16-20 MG HC a day I normally take; especially as going straight into blood is 100% absorption unlike with the oral tablets I normally take smiley - yikes - now down to 11 MG prednisolone a day, so still very high, but reducing gradually smiley - zensmiley - geek so not as to cause another adrenal crisis, by lowering the dose too quick smiley - erm (no there isn't really any real guidance on what is or isn't too fast/slow, just guessing basically) smiley - erm

Made it to gym today smiley - zen didn't do any cardio, just some weights... 400 static row at 21 KG, and 350 lat pull-downs, at 21 KG, both on the cable pull machine smiley - zen

Felt way better for doing that smiley - zen

Still feel pretty wonky though, but at least the toilet trips are starting to diminish... hmm... 13 days so far? smiley - yikes - hoping I'm keeping the electrolytes up well enough, and trying to hydrate enough without reducing sodium too vastly is... a guessing game too, of course smiley - erm

Back at gym tomorrow, with the personal trainer smiley - yikes then probably off to hospital Friday for testosterone test I should have had last Friday, and get them to do electrolytes whilst I'm there smiley - zen

Currently hunting through a pile of electronic equipment, trying to find the power supply for any of the external harddrives I've got... and failing... - found about a dozen old mobile phones, and their chargers.... a pile of old audio/MIDI cables, and even an old skype PC phone handset thing I forgot I had... smiley - erm and hats, oddly smiley - erm plus some teddy bears smiley - huh and gloves... and guitar strings... and a set of cross-overs for a pair of speakers smiley - erm now smiley - bleep ing power supplys that fit any of the external drives smiley - laughsmiley - geek

Trying to get organised to buy the new mobile phone, and as part of that, need an external drive, to copy over all my CDs, logically, for once... so I can transfer the lot to the new phone, and pretty much retire the anchient old IPod smiley - ermsmiley - geek

This desk is a tip smiley - laugh I'm not even sure what half these cables do smiley - erm

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