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Shrinking feet and a new coat...

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Yes. my feet shrunk. smiley - huh I'm assuming its mainly the reduction... now absence of the fluid/water retention I had, plus maybe some weight loss, and, well, just all of me is more toned and muscle bits keep appearing where no muscly bits have ever been before... smiley - puff

Really good ... great day at the gym yesterday, first of all, our training session with the PT we use (the guy who's now in charge of the gym), - 30 minutes running on the treadmill; fast, slow, uphill, forwards, backwards, sideways, skipping- doing the cancan whilst facing the wrong way on it etc., etc.,...
Then, as our legs hadn't done enough; half an hour on the leg press machine... and... whatever the other leg machine is, that works the hamstrings... (you lay on the bench on your front, and raise the leg behind you, pivoting at the knee, raising the weights up with the bar about ankle height...).
Then abs/core work, on exercise balls smiley - puff
That was kinda tiring, so we sat down in the office, and had a coffee.

Then we got boared. so W and I went and did 45 minutes weights, mainly upper-body, but I figured my legs needed more punishment, so did 100 squats too, using the 20 KG bar smiley - puff

Then a quick sit down... visit to the loo, and then it was work time smiley - puff
The fabulous girl in the wheelchair again, with CP... exercise bands, medicine balls (flying all over the place) smiley - laugh As she'd recent had an op on a toe, she couldn't do the treadmill/paralle bars that time...
Then the proper fun bit... she goes backwards, up the slope, thereby using different muscles to she normally does, when moving her chair forwards... with a 10 KG medicine ball on her lap; which I sort of help balance as she propels her chair...
Then as she reaches the top, I grab the medicine ball, and run backwards down the slope... as she trys to catch me up smiley - puffsmiley - puff

I was exhausted! smiley - laughsmiley - puff

Absolutely shattered after that... tried nap when we got home, but I couldn't, so I did some more stretches smiley - puff

Went to the pub in the evening... and the pub almost burnt down whilst we were in it... luckily they/we found the source; a melting plug in a socket... (dangerously overloaded with things plugged in to it, by the sound of it smiley - grr ) smiley - erm

Today didn't do much, sorted through boots and shoes, and took two pairs of trainers (still in decent-ish nic), nad my gorgeous but now way too big, knee length side zip boots (hardly worn), to a charity shop

My leather jacket has died... its no longer water proof, and with a tear in it at one point too, and having got too tight for me a while back.... its now way too big... so was loking for a new jacket...
smiley - wow a resis , (I thik that is how its spelt), jacket, perfect fit... synthetic, with some leather bits on it... oddly they had it in the 'male' section; but given its sized as a XXL; that ain't no male XXL, I'm guessing its a 16 or 18 female, which I think... from memory is about a XXL smiley - erm
I'd never heard of the make before, so I looked them up when I got home smiley - bigeyes expensive... and apparently worn by recent members of the royal family... well, its a damn nice jacket and fits smiley - cool - was also very tempted by a 100% wool coat they had in, too... that was Boden (sp?), but I think a little overpriced, even if it does look unworn smiley - erm . . . I may return and buy it if its still there... perhaps... -

I've got the old leather coat to dump, and my old wool coat, which I love, to take to the charity shop, and a padded coat too (both way way too big now) - so perhaps I should* have more than the one coat smiley - laugh -

half tempted to reserve the ancient leather jacket, to wear to and from the gym; as we don't live far from the gym, I don't shower there, just when we get back home... - if I continued using the old leather one, it'd stop the new one getting dirty as quick smiley - ermsmiley - ufo

talking of showering, I think its time for a bath, I think a long soak may get muscles a bit more replete of magnesium, ready for gym tomorrow... -

meeting a new client to train at the gym tomorrow, so we'll work with hime for an hour; then do a training session ourselves, after smiley - puff

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