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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

smiley - roflsmiley - erm

Gym this morning... 10.30 with my PT... half an hours running (forwards)... then half an hour running (backwards and sideways, with the treadmill set to full incline) smiley - puff = then I did the can-can whilst on the treadmill... smiley - rofl
Then we played throw-catch... with a 10 KG medicine ball... (why are they called medicine balls anyhow? smiley - erm )
I got hit in the smiley - erm groin with the 10 KG ball... at high speed smiley - roflsmiley - laugh Which I found hilarious and the PT seemed a bit worried about... smiley - laughsmiley - erm

Also on the treadmill, I finally mastered being able to step off and onto the treadmill, whilst its moving - plus letting myself near the end, whilst its moving, then jump off the end smiley - magicsmiley - erm

Then a boring hour gap... smiley - yawn - so we went and did some weights - bicep curls, upright row, shoulder shrugs, squats, reverse grip raises, regular raises, etc... smiley - yawn

Then we had our own client, the delightful girl in the wheelchair... had her walking using the paralell bars, throwing medicine balls and using exercise bands, for leg stretches/work... Then the backwards up the ramp, with the 10 KG medicine ball on her lap, then chasing me down the ramp, as I ran backwards, carrying the ball smiley - zen - My PT was still about, so we showed her my running backwars on the treadmill, turning round whilst its moving, to sideways, to forwards, round in circles etc... plus the new trick I learned today; doing the can-can on the treadmill... which both looks absolutely rediculus and hilarious to onlookers, but, as it turns out, really* really* works your upper quads smiley - laugh
by then it was about 2 PM, so we made our way home smiley - footprints tuna sandwichs for lunch smiley - zen porridge was breakfast, with flaked almonds... dinner tonight is the same stew/curry from last night... smiley - drool probably with couscous again smiley - zensmiley - erm
might venture out to the pub tonight... maybe... Dentist tomorrow I think... err... if its Wednesday tomorrow smiley - erm Brain MRI Monday coming, too look for a ADH secreting tumour (I assume that is why they've booked this scan in... can't think what else they'd hope to find inside my skull... talk about broad open vistas... smiley - laugh ) smiley - zensmiley - geek
must sort out myself a new mobile... thinking I might get the moto G6, 4 GB RaM, 64 GB HD... - at least that way, it could double as an mp3 player, which might be useful smiley - geek
Still got some leftover pita dough in the fridge, so must use that up tomorrow; may make a pizza with it for lunch, with the last of the piri piri chifcken, and whatever veg and things we've got lurking... onions garlic and mushroom and pickle chili peppers spring to mind as being abundant in the refridgerator... smiley - ermsmiley - yawn

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Tuna salad sandwiches with mayonnaise, pickle relish and minced pickled pepper in the sauce on hot sourdough bread for supper last night, bbq potato chips on the side.

Got the hernia repair surgeon's clearance to resume physical therapy, will be getting back into that later this month.

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You can call me TC

Wore me out just reading that first post.

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

It wore me out doing it! smiley - laugh no gym today... dentists, then a trip to Lush, pick up a parcel, bank, and a few other things, so a couple hours walking smiley - puffsmiley - footprints
Gym tomorrow though... probably running again, and, probably just regular weights smiley - zen

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