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Electric funeral and introducing Logi...

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smiley - wah the kettle has gone to the great big dead electronics graveyard, at the tip.... smiley - magic
So, we bought Logi, our new electronic kettle.

She's really state of the art; a indicator blue light to indicate she's turned on, and even a level indicator thing, so you can see how full up she is. smiley - wow

Tea tastes really weird though... and is lacking the normal gritty texture that tea had from the old kettle smiley - erm

The tiny sized frying pan also died, so we bought a new one smiley - chef though, oddly not had cause to use her yet smiley - alienfrown

used the big frying pan tonight, and the largest stock-pot/casserole pan thing.... To make a Middle Easturn chicken stew/curry... which was smiley - drool

Was at gym this morning, but not working out, working with another client, which was weird... smiley - ufo back at gym tomorrow for my session with my PT, though I'm still feeling very ill, but still no idea why/what it is... just feel totally out of sorts, basically all the ill I feel every day but, magnified... have tried extra steroids, fewer/less, and none seems to make any difference, just worse if anything with mnore meds smiley - alienfrown
Still not noticed any pick-up in energy since the testosterone injection smiley - wah and my left arm is still knackered... - actually if that continues much longer may need to see the Dr about the arm; a very very unlikely cause would be damage to the braccial plexus, due to radiotherapy, which, although a very unlikely side effect, is a rather bad one, as it results one way or another, in no arm... smiley - erm - of course it oculd be just an injury, taking forever to heel smiley - erm

nothing very exciting round here... not even in otter news... - there is no otter news smiley - wahsmiley - erm

The stew was nice tonight, and there is sufficient left for at least three more nights smiley - zensmiley - erm

Dentist checkup Wednesday, smiley - erm

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Electric funeral and introducing Logi...

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