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smiley - cry - my wok died.... Got it out of the cupboard a few nights back.... thought... "that looks dirty"... - not dirt... rust smiley - wah

That wok was my first ever proper purchase for the kitchen, when I left home, to University, in 1997.... - I'd been at uni a couple weeks, doing all the fresher things, well, actually I did very little actual fresher things, but I'd found the student bar innit smiley - alesmiley - stiffdrink - anyhows, by that point, I'd got fed up of limited food variety, and so wanted to start proper cooking stuff... so forked out (I think) almost £40 for the wok, from Habitat... - seem to recall it was either £36.99, or £39.99 smiley - erm so... quite a good investment seeing as it lasted.... over twenty years smiley - wowsmiley - cool
The only other very early cooking/kitchen thing I bought, which I still have, is a very small, little plastic pot... - which I still use virtually every day; its a perfect measure for rice, bulghur, couscous, etc smiley - cool - basically 100 G of rice when full to the top (dry weight); for the other grains its a tad over 100 G when full so I do it a little less than full, for measuring the same 100 G, two-portions worth of grain smiley - zensmiley - erm
Can't think of anything else that's survived from that far back... true, I've a couple cast iron pans/pots, and ceramic oven things, that date from very early 2000's, but asides that...

So. Went to hospital today, had bloods taken, and the nurse also took the urine from me smiley - yikes well, I gave a sample, for urine osmlality smiley - weird - then had my testosterone intramuscular depo injection smiley - bruised

Came back on the bus to go straight to the gym... but the bus missed out our stop, so we ended up in town; so went bought a new wok... smiley - zen - which, after gym, I used to do a stirfry for lunch (after giving it a good clean first) smiley - magic - gosh... seems to heat up a lot better than the deceased old wok smiley - cool pork strips, ginger, garlic, noodles, beansprouts, and sliced red peppers, with sessamae oil, some sessamea seeds, and soy sauce

had chili for lunch, - last of the big pot I made two nights back...

Also had a bonus cheese n pickle sandwich, on getting back home from hospital... - I was just starving as we'd been up at 7, to give time to take drugs, and get the bus, to get to hospital for 9.30, pick up the testosterone from the hospital pharmacy, and get to the treatment center smiley - zensmiley - nurse - my fav blood letting nurse was in, which was useful as she can find vlood vessels in me smiley - laughsmiley - vampire

This afternoon... didn't relaly do much, was whiped out, after the early start, and the trip to hospital, plus the running and weights at the gym today... plus didn't get to bed last night, until gone 1 AM, after having been at the pub, to hear a few bands smiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - ale

noticed first effect of testosterone injection before getting out of the hospital, as my 3d hearing started returning, - kinda useful having proper spatial awareness smiley - weird

Asides that not seen any lifts in energy or mood yet, really quite smiley - bleep ing misserable atthe moment, but I know that's just the hormones out of kilter smiley - doh sure it'll lift somewhat in a few days...

off to another lesbian disco tomorrow night smiley - discosmiley - diva well, LGBT, but organised by the lesbian group near here, plus the girls who run the pub... smiley - alesmiley - cidersmiley - stoutsmiley - stiffdrink useually a good relaxed evening there smiley - zensmiley - discosmiley - divasmiley - erm

Sunday off to a chili competition; chili sauce that is, plus chili food... was thinking of entering this year, but not really had the energy or mental space to think of anything to make, and actually make it... - was thinking to make my chili hummus... anyhow, we may go along, smiley - ale to the pub where the hold the event, and see what other's have created; main competition is for the hottest chili sauce, and the sub-competition is for non-chili-sauce catogry; anything made which is food, with chilis in it... - it was that second catogry I was thinking to enter the chili hummus...

may as yet make it, as plan on doing cooking tomorrow, and having a day off the gym - my left arm is still injured, though I can still lift with it, and my right knee is a bit twingy; I think from the sideways running on the treadmill... more like skipping sideways... fast smiley - laugh - did sideways and fowards today, on the treadmill, didn't have the energy to do any backwards running smiley - erm
anyhow, so a day off the gym tomorrow, so will make pita bread, piri piri chicken breast strips (for lunchs for a few days), and probably make some hummus too smiley - erm plus find something to cook for dinner, maybe thai style cod in ginger with noodles - I think we've the ingredients in, for that tomorrow... smiley - erm
lunch will probably be pita and hummus with some of the chicken smiley - zensmiley - chef

gosh its quiet on here smiley - yawnsmiley - zzz

hip a bit bruised from the IM injection, but not bad at all, the nurse who does the Im injection is very accurate smiley - zen so it never useually bruises much, - yet again I didn't even notice she'd actually injected me, until she'd nearly finished; at that point, you feel the pressure, inbetween the two muscles, as the bolus/depo pushes the muscles apart somewhat, and it sits isself into position between them... smiley - ermsmiley - weird

Half toying with the idea of mkaking some baguettes tomorrow, don't think I've made any in... about four years smiley - erm probably won't use a poolish though; as if I make that now, then don't have any energy tomorrow, it'd go to waste smiley - grrsmiley - yawn

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