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Are we back? did we go? where have we, as in the site, been?
we went. then came back. then went... so I didn't bother turning the computer on for a couple of days... not a lot seems to have occurred... smiley - ermsmiley - ufo

in otter news, had a whole weekend with no gym... we may have over-done it a bit, and some recovery time was probably not a bad idea....
Last night we hid from a friend, in a pub.... successfully... somehow we avoided him entirely smiley - magic probably helped by the fact he's partially sighted/blind smiley - laughsmiley - shhhsmiley - snork

In otter otter news I've a random appointment through for a 'head MRI Scan', no idea why, or what they're expecting to find... My best guess is that they're looking for a ADH secreting tumour of the pituitary, that might explain my random low sodium/SIAD episode smiley - weird - I assume to 'just rule it out' , either that or they just wanted more detail than they got on the head CT I had before leaving hospital after the hyponatreamea stay... - again assuming they think they've maybe seen something smiley - shrugsmiley - yawn
Must try phone hospital Monday, see if I can get any sense out of them, such as, if nothing else, who/which consultant the scan is for; it doesn't say; but it does then say to 'contact your consultant for the results of the scan, as they won't be sent' - but only mentions the consultant who requested the scan by the name 'your consultant' - ignoring the fact I have about 5 consultants currently... - none of which is as obvious as a neurologist smiley - laugh admin... admin... - my eventual cause of death will be 'death by administrative failure' I'm sure smiley - snorksmiley - skullsmiley - sleepy

Felt quite terrible the last few days... no idea why smiley - ermsmiley - shrug

Friday just gone was another blood day at hospital, with blood draw for sodium/electrolights, osmolality etc, plus the LH/FSH/Testosterone unholy triad... - the injection of testosterone is scheduled in for Friday coming, assuming the results from Friday just gone, don't show anything unexpected smiley - ghostsmiley - vampire

Second Friday on having bloods taken by a new blood vessel the really good nurse at letting blood discovered.... - hid away on my left arm (the one with no blood vessels at all) - hiding, invisable.... but palpable by a nurse who actually knows what she's doing smiley - cool - my right arm (has a few small visable blood vessels), is rapidly running out of usable veins for blood letting smiley - shrug

also, got nurse to look at my emergency injection kit.... - and discovered its out of date.... by four years smiley - laughsmiley - snorksmiley - laugh - so got a new vial of solu-cortif (hydrocortisone powder for mixing and injecting) - oddly the little vials of water in the 'kit' were in date smiley - huh - as were the syringes smiley - erm - I still can't use the kit myself mind smiley - snork - though I think I could probably figure it out, if I had too, smiley - erm

In otter otter news;

Someone has, again* gone into my wardrobe; and enlarged half my clothes!!! smiley - grr - had to take two more sacks of over-large clothing back to the charity shops, this afternoon.... some dresses, (some of which were loverly smiley - wah - but way too big to wear), a bag of blouses, a skirt, and a nighty and sort of caftan/dressing gown thing smiley - laugh

I now seem to have a bit of vacant wardrobe space, and a lot of spare hangers... smiley - erm

Back to gym tomorrow..

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