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First day in the asylum

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smiley - evilgrin

OK... First day 'at work' today... smiley - puff so up a bit earlier than useual, and into my gym gear, and off to the gym.....

First thing of note. smiley - bleep - seriously?!- the cake one of the trainers bought in.... at about 10 AM, and then he, and the other main trainer, demolished?! - I refused to have any - I've been doing the gym to get fit.... lose 1/4 of my starting body weight, so far, and I didn't do that by eating massive hunks of choc cake smiley - grrsmiley - cross

So, as we're in 'training' we were 'shadowing'. this got boring after the first ten minutes... as the two clients he had in, had been coming for years, and more or less just got on with it, themselves... so after speaking to the trainer we were shadowing, he suggested we havfe a bit of a workout, whilst we're there.... - the advantage to today, was that we'd get a rest from working out... my shoulders and arms, are really quite painful after last week (6 days of just arms (OK with some squats/legs thrown in, but mainly arms; averaging 6000 KG per day, X 6 days)).

So... I get on the cross trainer.... after half an hour I'm boared, so I turn round, by 90 degrees... and do the cross trainer sideways......

My useual personal trainer is in... on the treadmill.... - he is running sideways... then backwards....

Next thing I know, I'm on the treadmill, running sideways (really tricky), and backwards (rather easy).... then with incline.... then faster... then faster smiley - puffsmiley - puff Ok, so that's enough of that....

so we shadow a little more... smiley - yawn get boared again.... and get a bit of a trip round some equipment we've never used, ourselves, with the personal trainer I normally use.... a weird bending over leg raise thing... - might have to start using that myself, works the quads and hamstrings in a different way to anything else I use.....

Then to the cable pull (I've used a bit before), but, getting to see all the stuff you can do on it... more or less self-explanitry, but good to know I'd worked it out right... bicep curl, tricep curls, and overhead triceps, etc.... and some other pull-up bars I hadn't noted were there, sort of above the cable pull machine.... smiley - puff

So much for a 'rest day' from the gym smiley - laughsmiley - puff

home, and then set apon by a friend who was nearby... who came round for tea smiley - tea - I chatted to him a bit, but HAD to get in the shower, at that point... so did smiley - diva - got to speak to him a bit after I showered too and changed back into something more comfortable... I.E., a T-dress smiley - divasmiley - diva

had a salt overload lunch, of bacon sandwiches smiley - droolsmiley - flyingpig

cooked cod and chips with baked beans for dinner smiley - droolsmiley - fishsmiley - magicsmiley - fish - helped raise the protein for the day between them, and my sodium input too smiley - yikes

got blood results back today, from Friday just gone.... Testosterone down to 13.2, from 14, last week, and sodium up to 138, from 136 the Friday before smiley - cool - serium and urine osmolality more or less the same, cept serum was a bit higher; which makes sense if blood sodium is raising up smiley - cool kidneys still functionjing at over 90% which I assume is good smiley - erm FSH/LH still low, as is expected smiley - ermsmiley - wah Potasium was a tad lower, which makes sense, as it does tend to move in an opposing direction to sodium levels smiley - scientist

Off to hospital Friday for another electrolight and testosterone blood test; shall push to not* have the testosterone injection this week, and a week Friday will be week 16, which is the aim for having the injection smiley - grovel - still no symptoms of low Testosterone, energy seems high, and no obvious signs of hot flushes/mood changes smiley - zen

Back to gym tomorrow, for an actual* workout with my PT smiley - laughsmiley - puff - feels like I had a long session with the PT already today.... - tomorrow we're 'doing arms' smiley - puff and, more running backwards smiley - cool - well I can do the cross trainer sideways, and backwards, and I've done the stair treadmill backwards (not tried that sideways yet), so time to master running backwards I guess; well, I guess its a useful 'life skill...' smiley - ermsmiley - snorksmiley - zen

Went to the pub last night, just for the last hour, to hear the band they had on smiley - alesmiley - ale but kept fluid intake down to just two pints smiley - wahsmiley - drool probably not doing to the pub tonight, though tempted; its been unseasonably hot here today; about 25 degrees C; more like a summer temp, rather than an autuminal one smiley - weirdsmiley - puff

no otter news... well, not that the otter's have told me about smiley - ermsmiley - runsmiley - puff

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