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And hospital. again. Today... smiley - nurse - just to see the loverly nurses.... The motorbike riding rock-n-roll smiley - nurse seems to be somewhat besotted with my arm and leg muscles.... - she got a bit distracted whilst vampiring me, to obtain blood... smiley - laugh - mind, she did take the pee too... as they're measuring blood osmolality and urine-osmolality as well... (must try get to understand those osmolality's, they're new ones they seem to run regularly on me now, following the recent hyponatreamea episode/hospitalisation) smiley - erm
Today they were mainly measuring my sodium/potassium, plus testosterone/FSH/LH - this is week 14 since the last nabedo injection (testosterone), and we're still trying to make it to 16 weeks.... - my level last Friday was down from 21 the previous week, to 14... still just* in the non age-adjusted 'adult' 'normal' range... but sinking ever lower smiley - grovel - touch wood, as yet, no hot flushes, no untollerable mood smiley - blush and no symptoms of extra-low energy etc smiley - zen - just two weeks more to make it to 16 weeks smiley - grovel

The osmolalitys are part of the sodium measurements... of course... smiley - zen

Still on tea-deprivation, which may be a perminant thing now, to avoid another hyponatreamea episode smiley - wah - this makes days very long, as all the time I'm not sleeping, eating, bathing, or at the gym, is, whilst at home, basically spent trying to be in total quietness, doing nothing, cept drinking tea.... - its even more boring than it sounds, now there is very little tea involved smiley - dohsmiley - erm

in otter news, I'm now (pending police checks), a voluenteer personal Trainer at our gym, to work with disabled and other 'special' groups of people/clients - once established, I'm going to approach the cancer charity who helped me, post cancer, with some pilatez and yoga; to see if it might be of use, as a follow on for that, for any clients who were interested (I found a bit of a void at that point, before I found this gym....) smiley - erm

Get to spend the next couple weeks shadowing a couple of the personal trainers at the gym, including my own, to shadow them working with clients...- still get my personal trainer for Tuesdays smiley - puff - plus at the moment W and I are at the gym most days of the week anyhow, doing our own workouts....

I'm still laying off too much cardio at the moment, as worried over sweating out too much sodium, so, this week done, just did lots of weights... was hospital today so no gym, so did four weight lifting sessions, Mon-Thursday, lifting 6000 KG per session (multiple reps with a 20 KG bar) smiley - erm - still a bit frustrating the cardiologist won't let me lift more than 20 KG per rep... hence I do lots and lots of reps.... - also spent a lot of time this week, trying to work on suppleness again; turns out a week in hospital not moving much, and with no gym, makes one move backwards quite quickly smiley - grrsmiley - erm

in otter otter news, cooked a massive Thai curry last night... almost ran out of pan space, as I'd overestimated the amount of ingredients I had to use up smiley - laugh probably made a good 8 - 10 portions of it smiley - drool - lunch today was some of the left over ingredients, namely bean sprouts and mushrooms, stirfried with noodles, ginger, onion, garlic, sessamea oil etc smiley - drool

rather tired today, as was up at 7 to get drugs inside and then get off to the bus, and to hospital for 9.30 - got done quick though, so was on the bus coming home by 10, stopped off on the way home, to buy fruit smiley - applesmiley - zen

Thinmk I might need a nap soon smiley - sleepysmiley - zzz

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