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In which, 2legs almost dies (again), from drinking too much water. seriously?!

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Yes. Seriously. smiley - laugh

So, turns out; they're not wrong, when they say sodium is a pretty-key component of one's plasma, and body composition altogether...
Simularly, it appears to be rather easy (probably easier for me, given the hormones I've got wonky, and some of which can affect electrolight balance in the body), to simply drink too much water/liquid, and, basically drain the body of salt sufficiently, that you get very, very, unwell, very quickly....

Just got released from hospital yesterday (evening by th etime we got out; they threw in a bonus brain CT with contrast just as I was due to be leaving....)

I managed to escape the major organ death, coma, and death bit, of sodium depletion, which is good smiley - zen but. wow... that was pretty nasty....

virtually no memory going back about a week; mainly due to the high dose I.V. hydrocortisone they put me on whilst in hospital (I've no idea why I couldn't just take double/triple dose my regular steroid, prednisolone, which does agree with me somewhat better).

natch, on hydrocortisone, I'm eating about eight times my body weight a day, in food, and still feeling hungry smiley - wah (I just cooked thai curry for dinner).

I've entirely ignored the Drs advice to put myself into an adrenal crisis, and get re-hospitalised, by reducing from 100 MG/75 MG hydrocortisone per day, to a dose of prednisolone corosponding to circa 16 MG/20 MG Hydrocortisone, but I'll gradually reduce the dose myself, thankyou, titrating at a safe, sain, gradual tapre, as recommended by all major textbooks, medical guides, and all published medical journals, rather than following the Drs ignore all that stuff, nonsense smiley - huh

Walking is difficult, ATM, my legs have just jelly-fied, and the nervious connect just isn't right, for now, my right hand is somewhat wrecked, from needles, and immobility due to tightly strapped up cannulars, and the muscles on that wrist, have just vanished smiley - grr I'm constantly dizzy, with a sense of the room constant spinning, and a feeling of falling, at most times too... which may just be the extra steroids, or still just the affect of the horrible hydrocortisone smiley - grr

They're officially calling this, a repeat episode of SIADH, which I last had (once only before), in combination with the brain hemoridge, back in January 2015, just before I went into the chemotherapy merry-go-round smiley - cdouble - oddly it was a total last minute thought they had, to do the brain scan... smiley - laugh

SIADH - syndrome of inappropriate anti diuretic hormone secretion (formally known as diabetes insipitus I think; or is that the opposite condition?) - anyhow, its like the situation of SIADH, where the body releases too much ADH from the posterior pituitary, and hence the body reclaims way too much water back from what would outterwise head off to form urine, from the kidneys.... - no clue if they've measured the levels of my ADH (they didn't say they had), and no sense they will investigate that at all; they're just putting it all done to me consuming way too much water, tea, liquid etc smiley - ermsmiley - shrug

ment to be having a once weekly blood test for sodium at the GP surgery- as yet they show every determination not to actually write to my surgery, and ask for this test, so I doubt it'll happen unless I go kick a few consultants in the nuts first.

I can't believe, they want to 'leave it at that', - no sense of any investigations into differential diagnosis, no further testing, no consideration of this episode, alongside the earlier one, and looking for a common cause to each/both... absolutely pitiful, the demonstrations of intelligence seem to sink ever lower amongst the so-called Drs I have to put up with.

May try for a walk outside tomorrow, hoping to get back into th egym, to do some remedial work on my wrist, and legs, maybe as soon as the weekend, just so I don't loose any more mobility or ability to walk altogether.

I'd also, really, really, really, rather like to go to the toilet, for the first time in err.... I recall going once whilst in hospital, about four or five days ago smiley - shrug

also, whilst in hospital;

I tested positive for MRSA!!!!!! - hurrah! - got me my own private room, with my own private bathroom/shower, in the hospitals new isolation bit built a few years ago, when some big epidemic of some sort hit, and now used to isolate MRSA positive patients from the rest of normality...

Given a body wash to use each day, and given incorrect instructions to use it; so I've used it wrong all the time I was there, in they isolation unit smiley - snork mindless, idiots. shoelace, own, untied. oh, and a horrible nose cream I'm ment to stick up my nose... - ment to carry on with the shower gel stuff, and nose cream for a few days more now I've left isolation, but given I've not used it correctly once whilst there, I'm not sure I see the point; they read the instructions for use, to me incorrectly; W read them to me, on getting home, and that was* not* what they told me, whilst I was inside smiley - huhsmiley - shrug

I'm starting to get really P**** off, with spending my life surrounded by complete utter, morons, especially when their stupidity affects me smiley - grr

In which, 2legs almost dies (again), from drinking too much water. seriously?!

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Baron Grim

smiley - goodluck with the smiley - doctor nut kicking.

In which, 2legs almost dies (again), from drinking too much water. seriously?!

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

The last endocrinologist I saw 'whilst inside', (they have to come out and visit the patients, as the patients such as myself, are widely distributed about the hospital, not just* on the 'endocrine ward', as in, for myself, I was in the isolation unit!), anyhow; not seen her before, in clinic; she works with a different head-consultant, in a different team (had a loverly scientist to scientist discussion with her, about her research on a new form of PET scan, for pituitary adinomas), anyhow; she was really rather on the ball.... better than most the consultants I see in clinic, TBH.....

Her main, sensible suggestion, was that I have this once weekly sodium test at my local GP surgery. Its obvious a solution, innit?! - the difficulity then hits; she's got to 'do something to make this happen'. This being the NHS, this means, her physically typing a letter, getting a secutary to print it, and post it, second class mail, to the GP surgery.

See if we can spot the flaus in this....

1. she's got to remember, and get round to writing this letter, for me; not her patient.
2. The secutary has to print it off, address it correctly to my little GP surgery.
3. The postman, has to deliver it to the right address.
4. The GP surgery secutary, has to file it correctly, in order to stand a chance that a GP might see it.
5. A GP has to 'action it', I.E., book me in for the blood test.

The next, final stage will fail. it always does; the GP surgery then have, no method, no protocol, to let me, the patient, know, that the blood test has been booked.

for previous examples of papper incompetence, see my previous hospital discharge letter, of January 27, 2015, a discharge letter, lost for a year, within which, it mentions the possibility that I have additional hodgkins lymphoma leisions, in my brain; several years on, I still don't think anyone has taken my request seriously to look into this letter, or indeed the possibility of brain lymphoma.

smiley - sigh

In which, 2legs almost dies (again), from drinking too much water. seriously?!

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Pierce The Pirate ~ sometimes slightly worried but never panicking ~

smiley - yikes Glad to have you back! smiley - hug

smiley - pirate

In which, 2legs almost dies (again), from drinking too much water. seriously?!

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Right. smiley - drumroll I'm gona risk it..... off to the pub smiley - ale lets see if I can drink some beer, without the volume of water contained therein, forcing me back to the hospital with another boun of hyponatremia smiley - zensmiley - grovelsmiley - ale

In which, 2legs almost dies (again), from drinking too much water. seriously?!

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A tin of sardines is good first aid for electrolyte depletion.

In which, 2legs almost dies (again), from drinking too much water. seriously?!

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

OOO..... didn't know that... I expect asides lots of sodium, its probably got a lot of other weird electrolights in it.... low levels some of the metal salts... magnesium, manganease, etc... maybe potassium too smiley - zen - I useually make do with way too much salt thrown on everything as it's the salt wasting which is most common, and dangerous in most forms of adrenal insufficiency.... plus of course I take all my suppliments, each day, a multi-vit, vitamin C high dose, calcium, magnesium, vit K2, D3, and zinc....

I may look into making my own electrolight drink for taking to the gym, rather than just downing a bottle or two of plain water whilst there smiley - doh I must sweat out buckets of salt at the gym....

pub was good last night... I didn't end up in hospital smiley - zen

went to gym this morning.... smiley - bleep I'm unfit smiley - wah just did some weights, and stretching today, don't want to stress the body too much with overdoing the running/cardio staright off...

Also, I'm overdue my testosterone injection now, by one week; get another testosterone blood test tomorrow, and then depending on the result of that, may get the IM testosterone injection soon, or, if the blood level is still high enough, we'll re-test testosterone levels next week.... - rather enjoying not having my body covered in large scaring patches of achne at the moment, whilst we're letting the testosterone run a little lower between injections, than we were before smiley - grovel guess its just a bit of a compromise; starting to notice my sense of direction fail, and coordination get rubbish, as the testosterone level drops, plus I'm getting quicker to anger, and be violent which I find accompanys lowering testosterone levels smiley - doh

Also, as they increased my levothyroxine dose whilst in hospital, I'm still trying to figure out if I'm getting any weird affects of the increased thyroid hormones smiley - doh

and.... still my head feels terrible; all from the huge doses Of steroids whilst in hospital I think smiley - doh

went to gym this morning, vcame home via halal butchers, cooked a Turkish lamb stew/soup for lunch smiley - drool probably fish for dinner tonight....

laundry washed, and now in the dryer....

smiley - sleepy may need another nap smiley - sleepy

up early tomorrow to get to hospital for bloods smiley - zensmiley - vampiresmiley - nurse

In which, 2legs almost dies (again), from drinking too much water. seriously?!

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Us long distance cyclists use this (noun, Hi5 are most common) for electrolytes in water when we ride. We use it to avoid cramps, but I guess there are more urgent reasons for you...

In which, 2legs almost dies (again), from drinking too much water. seriously?!

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Don't overdo it (all too easy) with the electrolytes.

Agonizing muscle cramps may follow.

A tin of sardines supplies very easily a whole day's supply and it is well balanced and comprehensive.

In which, 2legs almost dies (again), from drinking too much water. seriously?!

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Oo, those tablets might be interesting...

I've several factors potentially at play that means I need more than normal input, to counter over-zelous output of eletrolights by the body, due to various things, not least of which is the hormone unbalance....

I sweat very perfusly, often for no reason due to the hormones, and dysautonomia, and of course in the gym, that is ten fold... smiley - wah quite horrible really smiley - blush
Then I've probably got over-excessive kidney secretion of salt (there is a reason I'll eventually get kidney failure due to the medications I'm on and the hormones I don't make myself) smiley - wah Plus there just seems this overall inability of the body to correctly disperse electrolights about the body, sharing them between all the relivent cellular and extracellular stores smiley - weird

I've a feeling absorption malfunctions also come into play too, but not entirely sure where they fit in smiley - doh

Even at 6 or 7 G a day salt in take, my level was 113 MG/DL (I think that is the unit they do sodium in), - under 112 your in a coma smiley - laugh

In which, 2legs almost dies (again), from drinking too much water. seriously?!

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TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

Yikes. I didn't realise that low sodium was quite that dangerous.

TRiG.smiley - teasmiley - spacesmiley - scientist

In which, 2legs almost dies (again), from drinking too much water. seriously?!

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Baron Grim

I believe that sodium depletion is the main issue when people drink too much water in a short period of time... I think it's called hypoxia.

Now I'll Google it and confirm or disprove my shaky memory.

Hold on a sec

Nope, hypoxia is lack of oxygen.


In which, 2legs almost dies (again), from drinking too much water. seriously?!

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Baron Grim

I didn't mean to tap [post] just then, so to continue...

Hyponatremia is the term for the problem of low sodium that can be caused by drinking too much water too quickly. This is often called "water intoxication".

I knew that, but I forgot I knew that.

In which, 2legs almost dies (again), from drinking too much water. seriously?!

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

yep... hyponatraemia; low sodium....

The water intoxification thing, is rather similar to what happens with people who take extasy, and drink too much water; the sodium depletion in the brain, causes a sort of 'reverse osmosis', and water moves the wrong way; the only real symptoms of water intoxification are neurological, confusion, stupor, etc., etc.,

They keep putting my hyponatraema down to a consequence of SIADH (symdrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion)

basically; too much antidiuretic hormone, causing too much water to be retain/taken back from the liquid that otterwise is destined to leave the body as urine...

however, about the only cause of SIAdDH, is a cancer in the pituitary gland, useually a pituitary adenoma.... - which I don't have... apparently smiley - erm so... quite how I randomly develop SIADH, seemingly very rarely (they said I had it in January 27 2015; the time I had the brain haemoridge), but never did any tests for it, then.... and haven't this time either.

I just get the impression they've mnore or less given up on me, as they don't seem to want to run basic testing for stuff.... - it was a real last minute idea of the Drs to do a CAT scan, on my head, - took place 6 minutes before I was discharged from hospital... just to get a pick of the brain, pituitary gland, and the large cyst thing that is pushing on my pituitary destroying it smiley - erm - I assume also just to see if I've had another brain hemoridge or not.

smiley - grr I'm increasingly annoyed with th elack of joined up thinking in my Drs, its like they can't hold more than one thought in their head at a time, and don't want, or can't, do logical scientific thinking..... About the only sensible Dr I saw whilst inside, is a pituitary cancer specialist.... wish she was my regular endocrine consultant... she was V.V. sensible.... (had a loverly proper discussion with her, about her research areas, with new types of PET scan for imaging pituitary cancers) smiley - ermsmiley - geeksmiley - scientistsmiley - doctorsmiley - nurse

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