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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Again. Yet, a smiley - bleep again smiley - grr
incompitent, neglegent, or otterwise otterly useless Drs, may very well put patient's well-being at risk, but, so too does an inability to do basic administration. smiley - grr

Went to hospital yesterday, for the bone density scan; which was fine, went through quickly no waiting about, just need to await the results now (need to be age/sex converted, to produce the meaningful standard deviation number). Hope the Dr there gets that back fairly soon.

anyhow, whilst we were there, we had two things to 'chase up'.

First oncology. - we'd just realised its almost a year since my last, yearly check-up, and we had no appointment for a clinic... So we poped in, whilst there, into oncology...

useual questions from the receptionist person... Who then looks through the records... 'nothing here'.... looks at the last clinic appointment I had... 'no notes left'.... so looks up the last letter from the Dr/consultant, after the previous clinic appointment... 'yes, the letter says a follow-up in a year'.... 'but'.... 'the Dr hasn't put a request in on the system' smiley - doh
so we made an appointment... smiley - bleep - good job we popped in smiley - alienfrown

I'm due a once-yearly MRI on the dilated aorta/heart, which is kinda important, as once the aorta reaches over a certain size, I'm in for major open heart surgery...

so we trudge into cardiology... do the useual at the desk, hospital no... DOB... address etc....
nothing. nothing whatsoever on their system regarding my requireing an MRI, just the request, and app for the cardiac ultrasound thinggy, which we do have, for next year I think...

no letters, mentioning it, no requests on the system for one... - its due over the summer, about August would be a year - additionally as the hospital I have to have this scan at is in a field, with no public transport, we do need some warning, so I can beg a lift from someone to get there.
no solution.... - the receptionist just gave us the phone numbers for the cardiac consultants secuitary; a number I have already phoned, several weeks... months? ago, and left a message, regarding the MRI, which has gone unanswered/not replied smiley - alienfrown so will try phoning them again. smiley - headhurts

No gym today as I was there yesturday, and was up at 7 to get drugs inside, in time to get to the hospital, for the bone density scan.... smiley - sleepy not feeling very good today, constant internal palpitations/tremmors, and extra brain foggy/spaced out and dizzy smiley - shrug
But at gym tomorrow, probably for an extra session with my PT, assuming he remembers to E-mail us back at some point smiley - zensmiley - sleepy
Hot again today, which isn't helping much ATM smiley - headhurtssmiley - sleepy

shall probably try phone the cardiology consultant's sec, tomorrow see if I can get any sense or, indeed any response from them this time, otterwise its go through PALS again, with a complaint, just to try get the Drs who are ment to be treating/observing my condition, talking to me smiley - shrug


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Pierce The Pirate ~ out of Hotblack Desiato mode again ~

I may have mentioned this before:

My region recently bought a new it-system to deal with basically everything

In spite of alarming warnings from another region ...

Now doctors and nurses are breaking down with stress. Not to mention the patients who have been given both wrong medicine AND wrong dosages

Local doctor quit his job at our hospital

Heaven help us all smiley - grovel

smiley - pirate


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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Non of the computer systems here, in the national health service 'talk to each other'.... GP Drs can't see your hospital records, and visa versa.... even the hospitals can't always transfer records from one to another, electronically.... - my GP surgery don't seem to like 'electronic communication' at all; a couple of times I've randomly found a new med I've been prescribed, having appeared on the GP system; but no notification sent to me, to say its been prescribed smiley - huh

The UK spent millions, possibly billions, a while back now, on having a new all singing all dancing new computer system designed... - the cost got more and more. and in th eend.... they just pulled the plug on it, all that money into it, all lost... smiley - doh

damn... forgot to phone the cardiology sec today smiley - doh

went to the gym though... smiley - puff ran for half an hour on the treadmill smiley - puffsmiley - run then lifted weights for 45 minutes smiley - puff

really rather liking these new running tights/leggings I got they actually seem to work smiley - huhsmiley - puff

warmer here today, just about 30 celcius I think smiley - puff - at least the gym has air con smiley - drool

may wonder out in a moment, a little evening walk... possibly with a pub half way en-route smiley - whistlesmiley - alesmiley - puffsmiley - flustered

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