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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

smiley - erm
Couldn't sleep last night.... either a lot of low frequency noise outside, making palpitations worse, or palpitations were just bad, and there was some noise outside....
The palpitations are weird, I sense tem more as a vibration throughout the whole body, not particularly say near the heart, and actually what it feels like, is that the vibrations are not in the body at all, but from outside, through the bed, the floor, wall next the bed, etc.... they're very disturbing and I only really get them (or notice them) when laying down smiley - alienfrown
There was a lot of noise outside though... vans... lorrys, but no idea why, seemed a bit random for 2, 3, or 4 or then 5 and 6 AM smiley - erm including one van at 5 AM with its reverse horn sounding smiley - huhsmiley - weird anyhow, went up to bed about 2 AM, eventually gave up and got up about 4.30, and came down and had smiley - tea tried going back to bed later after breakfast and drugs, but by then it was daytime and loud traffic, mainly cars but also vans, and people were outside, so it was well too noisy, and I still had heart palpitations.

First parcel to arrive today, was my box full of goodies from BodyShop. £105 of perfumes, shower gels, moisturisers, body buters, hand/nail cream, cuticle oil pen, firming body stuff, and some other things, which, thanks to special offers, and half price sale, and the vouchers I'd build up, only actually cost about £40 smiley - coolsmiley - drool the almond body butter smells gorgeous (I've had the handcream version plus cuticle oil pen for several times before) smiley - drool more smoky rose white musk perfume, plus a red musck one, and some body spray of the same, plus the almond cuticle oil pen, and almond hand cream, and a few bottles of shower gels and I think some other bits N pieces smiley - drool

Then, that arrived with a delivery driver... then the turban arrived. smiley - wowsmiley - drool

its very turban, and very leopard print smiley - biggrin its... so* me smiley - evilgrin (yes I am wearing it now) err, actually its probably the sort of thing my peers woul dhave been wearing when I underwent chemotherapy, though of course back then, I never quite lost my hair fully smiley - laugh so I'm weraing one now... because I can smiley - zen its kinda 1920s in a weird sort of flapper style... or perhaps a bit 1970s in some way... smiley - erm can't quit eget all my hair under it though, as my hair is so much thicker now than it ever used to be smiley - weird

so tired. I'd not exactly slept well the past two days anyhow, had such bad fatigue, and tiredness, I was unable to sleep properly.

got a reply from smiley - nurse about the GH trial, as my pen will run out before the end... - maybe getting somewhere with them... they seem to just do what I say now (but the nurses always seem more knowing what they're doing than the pretend Drs that maskerade as consultants) smiley - ermsmiley - weird

also got an answer about the fast for bloods, as I've fasting blood test tomorrow morning, for endocrinology, and I've not had a fasting blood test.... err... for as long as I can remember (which is odd, as half the conditions I'm being treated for, can only be diagnosed with fasting blood tests, including hypogonadism, with three successive fasting blood tests showing lower than normal age adjusted testo levels, needed, according to UK guidelines, to Dx the condition) But, hey, why bother follwoing protocol, I never even got the physical physical examination that DX of hypogodnamism also requires, nor the prostate examination needed before commencing treatment smiley - huh - and I've never seen (neither has W), a nurse using a refridgerated blood bottle to collect the samples for cortisol and ACTH (which is clearly specified as to the way to perform the test for these hormones) smiley - shrug
Maybe I should have trained as a nurse or a Dr... smiley - nursesmiley - doctor

anyhow, got the information I needed to know that I can't have smiley - tea or smiley - coffee before the bloods tomorrow morning, and of course no food, but I kinda gathered that much smiley - wah so... that will be fun - I do of course have to take the prednisolone steroids in the morning, and they're always particularly painful on an empty stomach, as they burn away the stomach walls and slowely give rise to small intestine per perforations smiley - shrug

Think I'll go to the gymm, in a while, try do som e weights, see if I can clear away this fatigue, and hopefully get tired enough to sleep tonihgt, not sure I fancy sitting up all night, only able to drink water, with then no food for breakfast, just painful medications, before having to bus in the rush hour to the hospital for bloods smiley - doh but... if I have to, I have too I guess smiley - dohsmiley - sleepy

vampire leopard turban sleep.

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

smiley - boing that feels better.... - made it to the gym, not exactly the longest workout ever, did about 40 minutes of weights, with a fair bit of stretching in too, bench pressing, inclined bench pressing, plenty of squats, some upright rowing, and curls, all with the 20 KG bar (my limit according to cardiology) smiley - zen feel a lot less fatigued now smiley - magic may try for an hour nap before dinner .... then make sure I get supper early, with melatonin, about 11 or 11.30, before the fast has to be, from about midnight I guess smiley - dohsmiley - sleepysmiley - boing got really hot outside today, moreso as the days gone on smiley - puff

vampire leopard turban sleep.

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

smiley - wow slept for an hour. woke... feeling better than I have in days smiley - coolsmiley - boing though I think ost of that was the effec tof the gym smiley - zensmiley - magic
showered, after dinner, and then weighed myself smiley - wowsmiley - magic - new digits smiley - wow now my weight starts with 13 stone smiley - wow has been a while since it did that smiley - laughsmiley - blush true, the second number, after the stones, is also 13, but... its not 14 stone, or 15 stone or 16 stone all fo which featured in earlier onths of this year smiley - cool dstill some way to go, but getting there; seem to have gone now from losing 2 Lb a week to losing about 1 Lb a week which seems fair enough; I've muscle definitions on my legs, front and back, that I've never had in my life, including when I was a teenager, and would be cycling hundreds of miles some weeks, plus hiking and canoeing and stuff most weeks smiley - weird - I'm assuming that is the growth hormone working... my smiley - titsmiley - tit seem to be developing some more muscle behind them too, which just makes them look like bigger smiley - titsmiley - tit albeit really very firm ones smiley - blush and my arms are getting some definition but thankfully not exactly massive muscles just defined ones smiley - zen and my ankles seem to be getting thinner, as do my wrists, so maybe still some water retention moving about or vanishing smiley - zen don't have much 'moon face' now from the steroids, whcih is nice as that is pretty much unavoidable from what I can make out, for anyon eon steroids smiley - cool

now fasting as of about an hour ago, had a final cup of herbal (fennel) tea, and some ham on toast for supper going to miss my final couple cups of fennel tea before bed, but not as much as 'll miss the two cups of coffee, and cup of tea in the morning smiley - yikes or my breakfast, come to think of it smiley - blush - I'll get a huge dip in blood sugars whatever happens in the morning, as the steroids I'll have to take in me always seem to make my BG dip rather than raise smiley - huh doubt Ill stay up much longer, not really got anything much more to do this evening smiley - alienfrown May think about going to the gym again tomorrow, after hospital probably late afternoon again smiley - zensmiley - puffthough I guess at some point I'll have to try find a Dr at the hospital who'll talk to me about this spine problem, with the crumbling vertibray, as I assume that must affect what I oughta be doing in the gym etc

vampire leopard turban sleep.

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Didn't feel too bad without food first thing... though I was noticing the caffine abscence, especially by the time we got home smiley - laugh - wasn't overly hungry when we got back, and as its not long until dinner, I didn't bother having a late breakfast, just munched on an apple and a peach instead smiley - apple which is lets face it, far healthier smiley - zensmiley - angel
Blood draw was the useual multiple attempt, two attempts this time, once on each arm by a differnt smiley - vampire - the first one I think may have been a little young and still in training, and was one of the most camp nurses or Drs I have yet seen... perhaps he missed the blood vessel when overcome with animal lust for me, weraing my gorgeous leopard print turban, knee length black riding boots, red mid-calf skirt and sleeveless black embelished blouse smiley - blush - I have that affect on people... honestly smiley - laugh
The second person to have an attempt, went for the wild card; and chose my left arm (useually this arm is decided on as being absolutely void of any blood vessels) - he found one though and got in to draw off the 3 bottles of blood they wanted today smiley - yikessmiley - vampire

Going through the hospital, on the way to bloods, just near the Hoffman's legendary leech jar, we bumped into a lesbian DJ we know, so got a little weighlaid, talking to her about her daughter, and what DJ-ing has been recently and that which is to come , was nice to catch up with her, and get her giggling as I told her of my most recent medical woes, and perhaps my now having ostioporosis, plus previously having been through the female menipause, is perhaps trying to tell me something.... smiley - laughsmiley - snork

Came home via the international suppermarket; the little old lady in black was there, lurking and skulking as useual behind the fruit.... We chatted to the guy serviving, and bought 3 peaches, 2 avocados, 6 massive flat mushrooms, and a large bag of regular little mushrooms smiley - drool then came home, walking through the graveyard/nature space there... smiley - zensmiley - magic

Got home to find a letter from the Dr I saw in Endocrine clinic the other day; actually a letter to my GP, so we were just CC-ed in on it.

smiley - wahsmiley - headhurts - I think we managed to figur eout what she was trying* to say; the grammer was non-existant, words were missing, adn the phrasing was incorrect throughout; clearly a Dr/consultant who has not learnt the art of dictation, with one assumes, a sectary unable to correct errors.

I know now, which bits of my spine are ungood; T10 and T12, with wedge fractures.
This is good. well, its bad obviously, but not as bad it might be.... Wedge fractures are less likely to cause postural problems, pain problems, or dammage spinal nerves (thankyou Google) smiley - zen T10 I think is the final vertibray, going down, with ribs attached that then meet at the sturnum, and T12 is the final one, in the thorax, so at the bottom, with one of the floating ribs that doesn't attach to the sturnum smiley - zen Weight bearing exercise, not smoking, moderate alcohol intake, high/good calcium intake and D3 seems to be the main lifestyle recomendations (thankyou Google) smiley - erm with treatment for it, due to my being on steroids, being the drugs I am already aware of (and likely to start soon), err, which I can't spell.... Bisphotates? something like that smiley - doh - however, the letter didn't say on which* previous CT scan these fractures were visable, so of course they may have occured long before the steroid induced ostioporosis, in which case, due to the effectiveness of preventative, and restoratve measures, like exercise, etc, and othe rlifestyle changes, is an annoying prospect, as I may have been able to start such preventative measures, a long long while ago, if, as the Dr implied at the clinic, the wedge fractures may actually result from my RTA in 1993; I'd have still been young enough at that point, to have pretty active bone remodeling capibility; an ability which we lose post-30 years of age smiley - grr - must try nail down when exactly the scan showed that the fractures existed, as I'm kinda tmepted for once, to persue that, if it is a very long ago discovery I wasn't informed on, medically speaking I think if it was a long while ago, I oughta get a solicitor smiley - grr - I assume against neurology who at the time would have been my main s contact with Drs there smiley - alienfrownsmiley - weird

not sure if we'll do the gym today, I've two bruised arms now, thanks to the smiley - vampiresmiley - nursesmiley - laugh must be lunch soon; avocado salad I think perhaps smiley - zensmiley - runsmiley - chef

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vampire leopard turban sleep.

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