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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

smiley - grrsmiley - zensmiley - zen
My zen-like abilities once more win over smiley - zen I really didn't know if I could keep my cool with them on the phone... given the smiley - puff non cool heat in here smiley - puff
Yes. Its the Job centre Plus again, the "service" guarenteed to raise your blood pressure smiley - grrsmiley - zen
Student loan defferment letter that needs to be 'stamped' to confirm waht benifits I'm getting, even though, as the form proudly states, benifits are not considered or taken into account when calculating repayments. smiley - huh
OK... So I'll double check where I'm ment to take the form to get it stamped.
"your local DWP office".
Strange terminology there by the student loans company as there is no DWP office in this city, as determiend by a quick search.
I vaguely remember having taken the form before to the JCP... So to make sure I'll call them....
Oh no... they don't do it... here call this number....
Through to a differnt central thing to do with DWP/Benifits....
Oh no... we don't no... there arn't student loadn defferment forms anymore, its all automated....
Attempt to explain that as I'm under the origional/older system, I get the forms, though anyone who's done a degree/got their loans more recently is on the automated system (tied into NI contributions I believe)...
Given another number....
Call them... and at last ... they confirm it is indeed the Job Centre Plus where I need to take the form....
My hopes are not high that this will go very well when I turn up at the JCP tommorrow morning, as they didn't seem to think it was something they do when I spoke to them in the first phonecall today smiley - headhurtssmiley - zensmiley - grrsmiley - zen
Strange thing is, I never got any of this utter incompetance when I used to deal with the JCP back at my Dads, in a small town, where the staff just seemed to know what they were doing... now in a larger city it seems they're so utterly useless.. smiley - groansmiley - zen
Its too hot to pop out now and get it done, I'll do it early tommorrow morning, I'd immagine the JCP oughta be quieter in the morning anyhow smiley - grovelsmiley - erm
Actually one of the very worrying things, was the person at the JCP I first spoke too, hadn't even heard of one of the benifits I'm on smiley - snorksmiley - headhurts

Wish I had some cold ginger beer in the fridge... but all I've got is actual* beer... smiley - dohsmiley - puff

Zen prevails.

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Bureaucratic wheels turn slowly, when they turn at all. It sounds to me like you need the real beer!

Zen prevails.

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

I'm very ttempted to have a beer about now... its definately getting warmer... so glad I made a quick descicion to do the housework quickly* this mornign whilst It was cooler in here smiley - puffsmiley - doh These student loans forms are always a pain, have to do them about every six months, even when nothign* at all in my circumstances has changed smiley - doh and most of the information they ask for, they don't actually* need, like the information on benifits, as they don't take it into account, yet I have to now pay for a cab to get the forms stamped smiley - huhsmiley - dohsmiley - weird well... not right* now, I'll do it early tommorrow morning, well just after the worse of teh rush hour is over, but before we get to the heat of the midday and afternoon smiley - puff

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