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Uhh, if anybody is interested, I've a new myspace place

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I'm drunk!

I've just come home after spending the evening with some people from work! At the pub!

It was the last day for temps like us, it was Ok. The people who staid the longest were myself, an old guy and some lesbians. I'm not being an ar*ehole and calling them lesbians because they wouldn't have intermate relations with me but rather because they were self declaired actual lesbians.

They're nice people. I like them. They all huggd me goodbye. Today we were all supposed to dress up in neat clothes. A japenises guy and me were the only guys to do so. This gAVE US SOMETHING TO talk about. The lesbians said I look good in a suit. I like them

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I think this is kind of funny. I like the way he writes about himself in the third person like julius caesar and doggidly believes that every concrecian he picks up is a human skull. I also find it amusing the way he persistantly harrases the smithsonian institution who politly say "F**k-off, idiot". smiley - laugh

I'm sure that the evil, dishonist scientists who are covering up his valuable research are shaking in their little booties smiley - laugh

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Latest reply: Nov 14, 2005

Room for rent

Unfortuntally, despite my best effots, the Christian girl mentioned in the last journal will not be staying for the next year, infact, she has already left and I'm the only one in the house smiley - sadface. She coulden't find a job so her parents have put their foot done and told her to come home. Even worse, her parents have moved house since she left home so she has no friends where she has gone. I haven't known her very long but I still miss her.

This also means that there is a free room in the house I need to get rid of before the landlord charges us all extra rent. It's proving hard at this time of year but we have had one applicant so far and anouther is due tonight. The first one speaks very slowly indeed and it seems to take him an age to get any ideas across. The landlord dosen't like him very much from the first impressions. He recons that the guy in on the verge of mental collape. I've only spoken to the second guy on the phone so far and he has a very strong Irish accent.

The landlord told me that he thought that if possible I should find a chick to move in. Presumably he reasons that four blokes living together is just not healthy. He's dead right.

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Haven't been online recently as I've been doing things. Not least going to Cyprus for a geology fieldtrip. I went for tem days more than a month ago and it was hard but quite crazy. I bought a shisha.

A couple of days later I went to bristol for a house party and had the most crazy weekend for a while. It was great!

I've got a house (but no job, yet) lined up for when I leave my current place. Its still in plymouth and not that far. It has a nice front room but the rooms are not as nice as my current abode. I'm staying there over the summer with some chick who I haven't met yet but is some sort of hardcore christian. The landlord is also a hardcore christian. We (myself, a chinese guy and a couple of mauritians) went to his house once and he has all these crusifixes and religious icons on the walls. I don't know what he's going to think about us, the mauritians are hindi and at the moment I get the impression that he thinks that I'm some sort of drug-addled homosexual. The reason for this is when he came to our house to give us our contracts, the shisha was on my floor next to one of my best friends who was sticking a warhammer 40k tank together. Said friend is straight but rather camp. Never mind. At least it means that the christian girl will not see me threatening if the landland tells her I'm gay. (she'll never see it coming! MHWaHAhahasaa!)

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