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I was just lurking, and I noticed that you're doing work on plate tectonics! That's really interesting to me, because I spent last summer making earthquake epicenter maps of plate boundaries. What are you working on?

Anyway, just dropped by to say hello!


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Hi! smiley - smiley

It's not really very detailed work on plate tectonics, to be honest. What I'm doing is integrating plate tectonic rules as to how plate boundaries move (based on symmetric sea-floor spreading, and older plates subducting under younger plates) into a mantle convection model and observing how the system of plates and the convection beneath interact, as the velocity of the plates in our modelling varies dependent upon the buoyancy of the mantle beneath - so, for example, a plume underneath a plate would generally cause it to move faster... and also, a smaller plate generally moves faster than a larger plate (but not exclusively).

I've only done 2D models so far, but work will be underway soon on 3D models, hopefully. smiley - winkeyesmiley - smiley

Where did you spend your summer making earthquake maps? smiley - smiley

me[Andy]g smiley - smiley


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That's really cool!

I spent last summer at Goddard Space Flight Center on an internship. Basically, I made sea surface altimetry maps of spreading ridges and plotted earthquake epicenters on them. We were trying to delineate the boundaries between inter- and intraplate tectonics, but the project ran out of funding before we could go any further.

It was really more of a GIS project than anything, but it got me interested. I think I'm going to end up doing basin analysis in grad school, though. I don't have the math.

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