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Another Venda Adventure

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From last Friday until Tuesday I was out into the wilds again with my friend, Ruan the reptile man. We were in Venda, way off the beaten track. For four days I didn't see a single Covid mask! We were after reptiles, particularly geckoes and burrowing skinks and worm-lizards. We found most of what we were looking for! On the last day we were helped by a local, Given, who was very interested in what we were doing and wanted to try it as well. He got a few very nice ones! He doesn't speak English that well, leading to conversations like:

I: Did you find anything?
Given: Yes!
I: What did you find?
Given: Anything!

But we managed to understand each other in the end!

I also of course checked out the plants. We took lots of photos and I will soon write it all up for The Post!

Another Venda Adventure

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - roflsmiley - cool Glad you enjoyed it!

Another Venda Adventure

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Prof Animal Chaos.C.E.O..err! C.E.Idiot of H2G2 Fools Guild (Official).... A recipient of S.F.L and

smiley - winkeyereptiles etc! I hope his knowledge of english wasn't sort of saying smiley - winkeyethese are good fried/roasted etcsmiley - laugh

Glad you had a good timesmiley - smiley and the insight you've amassed is beneficial smiley - smileyas such

Another Venda Adventure

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He gave us some cool Venda names for some of them. They are more pleasant-sounding than the English names - he laughed when we told him one lizard was called a 'Kalahari Dwarf Legless Skink'. That just sounds so clunky!

Actually the tastiest thing we found was a nice big fat scorpion. We didn't eat it!

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