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Water, Water everywhere

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… and not a drop to drink!

Over here, we've been having a rather anomalous rainy season. Instead of having several soft showers and perhaps one big cloudbreak, which is how things usually go, we've had several big and violent storms, and just a few 'regular' rains. Two of the storms also had fairly heavy hail. My front has repeatedly been buried in sediment carried by the waters from the rest of the garden. A branch and then a whole tree of my neighbours fell into my garden. The shopping centre, Savannah, flooded twice in two weeks. It was so bad that some cars in the parking lot were submerged up to the windows. One guy's landrover was destroyed and now he wants to sue the centre! Not for from where I gym, a river surged down the streets and kids were having a litte voyage down it in an inflatable boat:

And at the very same time … we have a serious water shortage in town! Much of the catchment area feeding the dams from where we get our water, is still experiencing drought. Some of the pumps and lines that should get the water to town, are out of service, while others are deliberately sabotaged by people in the surrounding community - heaven knows why. So … we have water in the streets, but not in the taps!

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Water, Water everywhere

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