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Oh! the weekend at last. In Purchasing you always pay for a day off! I did meet with success this week, though. I had the longest shortage list in our group, and resolved the last 3 by 2:00 today! I'd spent the afternoon finishing up the problems I had left over, and watching for e-mails with tracking numbers for my shortages. By 4:00 I was all done up and good to go! Out the door by 4:05 for a change!

It was so hot today again. I wore the coolest clothes I could get away with in the office - including sandals. Office Casual has changed, thank goodness - no more stockings, and I can wear my longish cotton skirts and sandals. Its nice to be in an office where the guys don't have to wear the corporate noose! They must appreciate the lack of necktie!

This weekend looks like a quiet time. I do tai chi on Saturday mornings, and other than that its just the usual housework and laundry, maybe a bit of shopping. It'll be nice to just take 2 days as they come along. We actually cooked tonight, but not much - pan fried cutlets and bought potato salad.

What's Burke working at this summer? We were talking about berry picking at work today. The son of one of our buyers went berry picking with his Grandma, and didn't like it - its hard work! I was telling her that was Harley's first real job, when he was 16 - great motivator to staying in school!

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Burke is a bug sprayer for industrial sites! He drives around in a truck, puts on his respirator and bug spray back pack and sprays away. He is really having alot of issues with it and is in fear of being fired. He got the truck stuck in the mud his first week causing a written warning, now he thinks he messed up on a site and afraid to go back. This is a gooood incentive for him to get his degree so that this is not his life. Monday and Tuesday of this week he will be at new student orientation at his college and I'll be there on monday for the parent orientation (which I like to refer to as "tell us how you are going to pay for this!"). It is an exciting time for him.

I love the weekends that have nothing going on. My friend Becky and I went out for a drink on friday (well, I had a glass of wine and she had a sip of mine as she is pregnant) and bumped into some old friends so it turned into a much later night than we thought as we caught up on old news. Yesterday was deliciously boring. Just relaxed, watched world cup, exercised....watched tv. Wonderful! Today I'm meeting up with my friend Sue who I have not seen in a long time (she was at burke's grad party but we really didn't get to catch up properly with all the happenings that day). We are going to a local pub to watch the world cup final, have a beer and probably knowing us, giggle. It will be a nice break in the middle of the day. Then its back home for laundry. Already have dinner in the crockpot, most of the laundry done and now I'm ready to hit the showers and get ready to meet sue. Sounds like a good day!

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Poor Burke - that's such an awful job! But I'll bet he'll stay in school!

Friday night I ended up meeting D for coffee - actually iced cappachino, which I just realized I can't spell! We met up after she got off work at 9:30 and sat at a sidewalk table till 11:30 talking and laughing, and just enjoying each other's company. It was a nice cool evening after a steamy day, and a nice cool breeze blowing down the street.

Other than that, I mostly relaxed all weekend, but it did cool off enough to do a roast Sunday. That's a treat in the summer - we usually stick to simpler meals till Fall. Wasn't that some finish to the World Cup? Our Italian community partied well into the night, I hear.

Today I actually got a compliment from the Materials Manager - who's a twit, and if he gets a chance he micro-manages. He called to ask me about a left-over issue from last week, and I'd got a great result - he told me I was doing a good job! Wonders will never cease! Our fire alarm went off twice today, and we had to evacuate the building, the fire department came, and both were false alarms! Don't know what that's all about, but we got 2 extra breaks today, anyway.

I went to tai chi again tonight, and the aches and pains started showing up. Our instructor watched what I was doing, and told me I'm doing it right, its just my joints loosening up, and to take it easy. Tai chi isn't supposed to hurt!

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I've always thought of tai chi as more relaxing than anything!

Wow, that is great to get a compliment especially from a twit!! Sometimes those mean so much more. We used to have fire alarms go off all the time in the building I used to be at in the suburbs. It happened so often that when we had a real fire we all slowly meandered out without panic. Had we known it was a real fire we would have probably been alot more hurried and crazed.

Yesterday we went to orientation at burke's college. It was a loong loong day. But alot of it was fun as well. I was so impressed with the school, great administration, great support, beautiful campus. It was hard to leave him there as he looked a little lonely. They spend the night in a dorm. I'm anxious to go pick him up this afternoon.

That coffee with your friends sounds wonderful. Becky and I used to do that alot more than we do now. Go get a cup of coffee and spend hours giggling and chatting. There really is nothing like a good friend is there?

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Absolutely! And D's such a good sort. She's a really devoted friend - and such fun to be with. Fringe Festival's next weekend and D's never been, so Gord and I are taking her. That should be fun!

Burke's sure starting on a new adventure. He'll soon make friends, and won't be lonesome anymore. Did he come home all enthused?

I love tai chi, and feel so good after a session. Our facility's lovely and the atmosphere's so relaxing. Flexibility's beginning to come, and the aches are going away now, so I can relax and enjoy myself. They have a big urn of Chinese tea on, and that helps!

Its so hot now, and the long range forecast shows no end for at least the next week. We had a rain storm the other day, and it just poured, but was just as hot an hour later. Everyone's going a bit crazy, not sleeping well, headaches and all that. I'm into the sports drinks to keep my salt level up. Low blood pressure's a pain in the summer! We have a new girl at work - she's been in Canada 4 weeks now, from the Phillipines, and she didn't realize it would be this hot here! I told her wait till January, and see how cold it can be!

Our fire alarms were caused by the sprinkler system in the shops. The line was plugged, and pressure built up causing the alarm to go off. That was a costly exercise to solve a simple problem!

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It is boiling here as well. Ali and I drove out early this morning to the outlet shopping mall. It is an open air mall and we left there at 11:30 and could barely stand the heat! Whew. Very low humidity so that is good. But it is hard to breath out there.

Ali just got back from a volleyball camp about an hour away. She was there for 3 days and I really missed her. She seemed to have had a good time. That girl is one for always getting the most out of any situation. It is great to see that quality in her. Burke is very excited about college. The more he thinks about his choice, the better it seems to him. He is very happy about where he is going. Me too. I am excited as we can see some of his college's basketball games as they are played in an arena out in the suburbs. Can't wait!

This is going to be a crazy week at work. I'm in the process of hiring someone so I have to do all this paperwork and some justification. But I just got an email that they are going to have a happy hour at work tomorrow just because!

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Happy Hour sounds good! I could do with one of those at the best of times! I have the lousiest suppliers on the planet! They haven't heard of customer service, and its a constant battle, and airing in everything just so the line doesn't stop! The last 2 weeks I've had stuff coming in the door just in time. Its a good thing I have good nerves! This morning I got 3 bunches of hoses in with an hour and 18 minutes till line stopped! That's wa-a-ay to close for comfort! At least I got congratulated for getting them there!

Tomorrow Harley's 27! I don't know how he got to be that old. I'm going to phone and try and catch him before they go out, or the party starts. He tells me that he and Melinda entertain a lot, so the party could be at their place. I got an e-mail and he says he's interviewing for 2 insurance jobs, and I sure hope he gets one He'll make the money he needs for his course.

Fringe Festival's started in Winnipeg, and we're going to the free stage Saturday. That's always fun. You never know what you'll get to see! We always go "for just awhile" and end up staying way too late, but its a good time.

They were just talking about camps on CBC Radio, and all the different kinds. No one mentioned sports camps, come to think of it, and I know they exist here as well. Harley used to go to music camp for a week - he liked the stage craft, and 2 weeks at Navy League Cadet camp. At Navy League he got to learn to sail, and learned leadership. It was so good for him. Once he got his Petty Officer badge, he even got to be a cabin leader, in charge of 8 younger boys. The best thing I ever did was put my shy littl boy in Cadets - he came right out of his shell, gave talks at parents' nights, and lead a squad on the parade square! Its hard to believe he's all grown up!

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Well happy birthday Harley! Isn't it just amazing? I am in a constant state of awe when I look at Burke and Ali and how adult they are. Frightening. I for one have not aged a bit!! hahahaha.

Good luck to him on his insurances jobs and it sounds like he will be with a good group for celebration purposes. That must make you feel good to know he will be treated well on his special day! I've always loved birthdays. Anytime you get to eat cake cannot be a bad day!

The fringe festival sounds great. I too have issues with leaving when I think I'm going for just a bit. Sometimes it is so entertaining you just need to stay. We are going to my friend Olga and Ruslan's tonite. Steve and Ruslan will play tennis, Olga and I will walk to the lake, then it is back to their house for sushi, a foreign flick and some good wine. Ah, its a great day as well so it will be wonderful by the lake. Tomorrow steve and the kids are going to play tennis and I'm staying home to catch up on all the laundry/cleaning, etc I've put off. How DOES it all stack up so much?? I swear there is a layer of dust an inch thick all over my house.

It sounds like your job is crazy. The days must just fly by for you!

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Barneys Bucksaws

Good grief! Over a month since I posted! Its been such a busy summer - with a huge job, and Tai Chi 3 times a week - the summer's just flown!

Its been such a good summer, with festivals and things to see and do on the weekends. And that's not over yet! Tomorrow we're going to see a display of Japanese kites, then watch dragon boat races, and on the 9th its International Tai Chi Awareness Day, and we're all going down to Old Market Square in downtown Winnipeg to do Tai Chi.

With all this, I am preparing for Fall when it arrives - its still hot here. I bought corduroy pants today-a black pair, a nice medium green and an incredible plum colour. Now I hope I don't have to wear them till November!

In what little spare time I have, I've been working on fixing up some old porcelain dolls, who's dresses have seen better days. Gord found them at a "moving out sale" in the community and thought they needed some love, so he brought them home to me. They're beautiful, and once I find out how to clean their dresses, they'll be lovely. I've spent my entire life in the guy-thing, and dolls are my one rebellion towards the feminine!

My friends have all fared pretty well this summer. Sharon sold her house, in a bad neighbourhood, and has just settled into a nice house on a quiet street. D's been sharing a house with 2 other people, and has finally realized its becoming a really bad situation, and is moving at the end of September. Mary Ann has just moved into her first apartment in Canada - 2 months from arriving from the Philipines, and Regina has gone from a rooming house to a small apartment. In each case, its a big move for them, a step up.

In a few days all the kids will be back in school. The parents at work all seem to be glad to see them go! I, for one love my empty nest. At first I missed back to school, but I soon got over that! Is Burke settled in? How about Ali - is she anxious to go back?

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Good to hear from you! Been an emotional weekend. We moved Burke into university on Saturday and he seems to be having a blast. It is such a wonderful place to go to school. So fun. Full of energy and just looks like it is going to be a great experience. His roommate and the guys across the hall are fun and with the same interests as him. We are walking around in a fog, but he seems so happy.

Ali has been back for almost two weeks and is well into her school volleyball season. She is captain of the jv volleyball team and having so much fun. She is swamped with homework. They are in the fall season of getting back to school and fitting everything and some fun in.

We had major excitement on Friday nite. We were packing up burke and I got a call to go to the hospital. My little Olivia's new baby was on the way!! Becky went into labor 3 weeks early. Lucy Jane arrived into the world around 8:30pm. It was wonderful to watch her be born! So much emotion in just a short weekend!

Sounds like all your friends are doing well. That is always a relief, isn't it? I love when everyone seems to be happy and well. How is Harley?

I'm trying to get readjusted to just having Ali and one child. It seems sort of lonely at the moment but it will even out. Work has been incredibly busy and trying to catch most of Ali's games have been keeping me active. The week after next I fly to cincinnati on business so that will keep me occupied. I'm putting together a scrap book of burke's basketball stuff for him for christmas so that is my hobby at the moment.

Wow, right now, I'm just struggling with that whole "kids grow up and leave the nest" thing!

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Barneys Bucksaws

Wow! Your high schools go back early - but I think our kids are in school longer in June - right till the end. When I went to country school - a 1-room experience - we started 2 weeks early to allow for snow days, and all of December to get ready for the community Christmas concert.

How are Becky and the baby - all's well? Three weeks isn't too bad - Harley was 7 weeks early, and he turned out just fine.

Harley's doing well. We haven't heard from him in awhile, but he and Melinda are working hard, and they were planning a weekend at Melinda's parents place in New Brunswick - might even be this weekend. Last Christmas I made Harley a photo album with pictures of his growing up - himself lugging the water jug when we were camping, playing with his friends when he was really small, and sitting talking on the phone when he had long hair, doing dishes,etc. I wanted to make it a memory book, so I printed up captions like "running water - you run and get it", "remember when you had all that hair?" Male pattern baldness is setting in!

Today the Winnipeg Symphony gave a concert in one of the parks, so we went to hear them. It was wonderful - they played a mix of classics, jazz, music by The Who, and the overature from Pirates of the Carribean. It was really hot and I sunburned my knees, but well worth it.

Now we have a short week. I can use that - but my mind wants to mentally note all I really have to see to tomorrow - and I'm trying to tell it to take the day off!

Hang in there - you'll get used to your emptying nest. And Burke isn't too far away. He's getting ready to launch himself on the world, and needs this step to get ready. He'll be fine, and you'll be fine too. If your two are like my brother and I, Ali will likely enjoy this time as only child. My brother did when I left!

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It will be nice to focus on her for awhile. She was overshadowed alot by her brother and basketball. Now its all ali all the time and she isn't sure she wants all the scrutiny!

He sounds like he is having the time of his life. I'm really excited for him. The new dynamic will take awhile, more for his dad than for me. Steve and Burke were big buddies.

We are having gorgeous weather, I've heard it is going to turn warm again by the end of the week. But this feels like fall. It is nice and crisp out. I'm looking forward to the walks in the forests with the colors changing. Can't wait!

Becky and Lucy Jane are both healthy and well. Olivia is so funny, she was very animated yesterday. She doesn't understand what is going on but she was dancing, and being silly. She seems to have gotten so much older in a matter of days! I went over yesterday and specifically gave all my attention to Olivia. She just kills me she is so cute. Lucy looks alot like Olivia.

A busy work week ahead. Only 4 days and alot to get accomplished. I need to skiddaddle out of here at 4:00 today to make Ali's volleyball game. Then its a million and one chores at home!

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Barneys Bucksaws

Gord really misses Harley. They've been such buddies all Harley's life. He had more trouble getting used to Harley not being close by than I did, and I was sad and depressed for a long time. We still miss him desparately, but we talk on the phone often, and e-mail a lot. That helps.

Its been hot here all week, but you can tell its fall - it cools down about mid-evening now, and the mornings are chilly. Its getting way down there tonight, and cool tomorrow. I guess I'll have to get out a fall outfit for work, darn!

The girls and I have been getting together after they finish work at 9:30 on Friday nights all summer, but its too cold to sit at an outdoor cafe now. Tomorrow I'm going to have them come over here for coffee, or more likely tea, and I'll pick up a sweet goodie to have with it. We can just as easily sit and giggle in my kitchen as meet at the corner out here and wander around Osborne Village.

Saturday is International Tai Chi Awareness Day. All over the world, groups are getting together in parks to show off the various forms. We're going to be in Old Market Square, an historic area of downtown Winnipeg. Its a big deal, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Its been really hectic at work. Its a conspiracy - I'm trying to clean up the desk before Shirley comes back next Wednesday, and the work is just piling up! You get an extra day off, and you pay for it all week.

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Sounds wonderful. The tai chi day and the sitting in your kitchen having a good tongue wag and a giggle. I adore times like that. I have this group of women friends that I met through Burke and his basketball and when we get together all we do is laugh. Laugh hard. I was with them last saturday nite at a local fest. We laughed and half the time we don't even know why it was funny.

We are training Ali on driving. It is a chore! She started off really horribly and shocked all of us. Ali is a stereotypical over achiever. If everone in the class gets an A, Ali has to get an A++, if everyone gets a 100% on the test, she has to do extra credit and get a 102%. The child overstresses herself and causes me much worry. Alot of people with a daughter worry cause they are mouthy or out alot, not Ali, I worry to death cause she is overbooking herself and holding herself up to such a high standard that I wonder if she can stand it. I try to keep the mood around the house as light as I can. Anyway, we just assumed she would sail through on driving. NOT! She was AWFUL. Was literally almost hitting things unless I grabbed the wheel! Luckily, with time she has gotten better. Tonite, my heart only went into my stomach 2 times!

Steve is truly mourning the loss of Burke. Steve is not a very social person and keeps to himself. He doesnt' go out alot with people unless it is with me. So, with Burke gone, he is on his own. I'm trying to encourage him to find some teams in need of a basketball coach cause he is really good at that. He has some contacts in that field and I think helping a young boys team will benefit both parties.

My work has been crazy too! I'm off next week to a conference in cincinnati and trying to tie up lose ends, but the more I tie up the more that become untied!

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Post 175

Barneys Bucksaws

Boy do I know how that feels! The faster I go, the "behinder" I get! One of the suppliers is coming up for a visit Thursday from New Hampshire. She's been my contact at her company for years, and I'm so looking forward to meeting her at last. She sounds like such a nice person, and I've always been able to depend on her.

Tai Chi was wonderful. More than 40 people all did Tai Chi together, and the energy flow back and forth was amazing. When you do all your work indoors with a group of about 10 people, it takes on an entirely new aspect with a large group out in the sun surrounded by trees. After that we went to watch dragon boat races on the river, then I brought D back here for a supper of subs, and a movie. It was a lovely time!

Your Steve sounds much like Gord. He's not the social type either, preferring his computer or a good book to going out. So, I get left to my own devices if I want to be out with people, and as long as I devote some time to him, he's quite happy with that. I wish he would get out more, it would be good for him, but it isn't going to happen. He likes D, though, and enjoys having her here as much as I do.

We had a phone call from Harley on Friday night. We hadn't heard from him in a couple of weeks, so there was lots to talk about. Melinda thought she might be laid off, but that crisis has passed, and they were going out with friends after they called. They're still working hard and trying to save some money. He and Gord, of course had to have a discussion about politics, and argue by long distance, but its the way they play!

Harley started to learn to drive, but I think he's afraid. Just before he turned 16 he hit a van with his bike, and was in the hospital with concussion for 2 weeks. He's not a bad driver, but I think he's afraid of it. He never has gone through with it and got his license. I wish he would. Its the only fear he has that he lets run his life. Right now he cann't afford a car anyway. Maybe a driving instructor is better for Ali? Let someone else be scared silly!

Over achieving's not bad - compared to how some teenage girls are! I tended to over achieve, and my Mom worried about me too. It wasn't that bad, though.I really got the eye of the tiger later on, when Mom couldn't see it and worry about it! I hated to worry her, but at some things, I just couldn't help myself. Harley was so different - aparently laid back, but really smart, and over-achieving in the background. He kept his own council more than I ever did.

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Post 176


Kids are funny that way, aren't they? Burke is relaxed and just takes life as it comes. I think he worries more than he lets on tho. Ali will always be alright, I just want her to not get her self in a state, however, I think she learned that from me! Right now I'm in a major panic because I completely blew a detail at work. I looked at one part of a information sheet but not all of it. SO because of this, we may be late in presenting information to a client. It is one of those situations where I can't do what needs to be done myself and I'm begging the people who do it to work harder! Cause of my goof! The worst part is the feeling of letting someone down. Oh and that other feeling of saying "um, well, no, it really is not going to happen!" So of course I have to leave my department in a lurch to really deal with this as I'll be going to cincinnati! UGH!

Steve too loves a good book. Not a computer guy, but loves to sit on the porch and smoke a cigar and read. Your life sounds like mine. We do ocassionally go to see Olivia and her sister, but mainly he likes to be home. Oh well, at least we know where he is!

Oh if I get through this week I feel I can get through anything. I hate to make big blunders! It always makes me question how I let the detail go and what else I have forgotten! OHHHHH!!!

The tai chi sounds wonderful! Heck I really should have done something positive like that besides sitting here fretting. Oh, and cooking. I've been cooking like a mad fiend. The chicago bears had their first football game today (against the greenbay packers, our biggest rivalry)so I had to make some hot wings. Then it was cool out so a pork roast, mashed potatos and gravy seemed the ticket. Yesterday it was a big ticket dinner. I started pulling out the flour to bake but just said no as then I'll do nothing but eat cake all week and there goes my nutrition!

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Barneys Bucksaws

I got conned into a beef stew on the weekend - Gord's favourite once the weather's cooler. I put it in the slow cooker, because I had so many other things to do Sunday - and only got to half of them! The stew was good, though, and good left-overs!

I was just listening to a broadcast on CBC radio commemorating 9/11, about the people of Newfoundland who took in people from planes forced to land in Canada. Our East Coast people are so nice - the rest of Canada could take a lesson from them. They took complete strangers into their homes, and made life-long friends.

Work was so frustrating today! We have a really good computer program for Purchasing, but today it was so slow! Two internal requisitions, which should have taken 15 minutes - tops, took 50 minutes. By 4:00 I wasn't through all my work, but so frustrated I turned it off and went home! I'll catch it up tomorrow - maybe! I don't make that many mistakes at work, but when I do - they're usually dandies!! Glad someone else does the same thing!!!

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I think thats it, they are DANDIES!! This one seemed to have worked out okay. Everyone was very nice about it. Probably cause I threw myself on my sword!

I love a nice cool fall weekend. I think I'm ready now. Today I'm on my way to a conference in Cincinnati. Hope the weather holds out, its been very rainy here and same in Ohio. I'm hoping to meet lots of people that I've talked to via phone. Also some people that I work with in India. That will be fun!

I'm making a nice pot of spaghetti for Steve and Ali to have tonite to warm up their tummies. I'll be back thursday nite, so they are only on their own for dinner for two nights!

Hopefully when I get back to work on Friday, it truly will not have been a big deal!! (my booboo!)

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Post 179

Barneys Bucksaws

Dimples - I'm not being a very good friend! About the time we last posted to each other, things got really hectic at work. My buddy came back and took over her portfolio, and I got to work on some special projects that were interesting, but time consuming. I finished off mid-November, and I've been taking it easy ever since!

Now, before I know it, its Christmas Eve, everything's ready, and we're just waiting for D to arrive to spend the evening with us - eating and watching Scrooge.

Harley and Melinda can't get home, and Harley's working over Christmas to let someone off who has kids. Boxing day they're heading for New Brunswick to spend 3 days with Melinda's family - the seal of approval, I think.

Anyway, I came in to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year from us - Linda and Gord

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