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Incense and Peppermint or Crimson and Clover?

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Latest reply: Aug 31, 2005

Discussion Point #1

The long and winding road or highway to hell?

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Latest reply: Aug 21, 2005

T-U-R-T-L-E Power

I suppose the question still remains: Could the Turtles have overcome Shredder with the loss of but one?

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Latest reply: Feb 24, 2005

And then...

Other days I'd like to be like, "Rebel scum..."

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Love, with a capital el

I bet everyone writes a journal entry on love at some time or another. I figure I should too.

It's a great thing, Love. Great in the sense of massive, huge, life altering simply by the force of its special brand of gravitational pull. People come together, people grow apart. Some people sling around others like the starship Enterprise did around the Sun in Star Trek IV, and that's pretty painful. It caused time travel for crissakes! It's not natural, it's attraction. The trick is to get two bodies into a good, stable orbit. If that happens, sure there will be changes on both sides, but neither person will destroy the other and no one gets lost.

Problems occur when another force acts on this system, and one of the original bodies starts being drawn away. When the system is strong enough, it remains strong or gets stronger once the foreign attractive body leaves.

I'm not sure what else to write about this because I'm not sure what the next step is exactly. One only hopes that the foreign body isn't on a cyclical orbit as well. That kind of repeated attraction is tough to overcome, but if the original system is strong enough, it can get through anything.

As in nature, though, events in Love happen because they happen. For the most part, there's no stopping anything. Just let it go, see where it takes you, and enjoy the ride while it lasts.


I'm done being hokey now.

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