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A88016240 - The Curious Contradictions of PT Barnum, Showman and Philanthropist [1]No Posting10 Hours Ago
A88015133 - The Adams Transitional Geomagnetic Event: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Climate Change [5]No Posting13 Hours Ago
A88015764 - The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show [4]No Posting5 Days Ago
Peer Review: A88012000 - The Legend of the Tower of London Ravens and the Fall of the British Monarchy [19]No Posting6 Days Ago
A88009752 - 'Good Omens' - Being a Television Series about the Birth of the Anti-Christ [8]No PostingLast Week
A88015593 - Melvil Dewey: Libraries, Antisemitism, and Sexual Harassment [2]No PostingLast Week
Peer Review: A88009013 - Common Juniper [8]No PostingLast Week
A88015179 - How to Avoid Being Pixie-Led: Tips for Folkloric Hitchhikers [1]No PostingLast Week
Peer Review: A88006782 - A Cheesy History: US Presidents and Their Dairy Gifts [9]No PostingLast Week
Peer Review: A87728007 - Feluda Films - II [12]No PostingLast Week
Peer Review: A88003875 - 'Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency' - the BBC America Television Series [13]No PostingLast Week
Peer Review: A87985453 - 'The Jungle Book' - Nine Film Adaptations [12]No PostingLast Week
A88011137 - Snowbird: The Dark-eyed Junco, a Winter Visitor [9]No Posting2 Weeks Ago
A88014332 - How To Make Another Cat Toy [5]No Posting2 Weeks Ago
A88013955 - Update: Fortune Cookies [7]No Posting3 Weeks Ago

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