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The Dancing Tree

Go with your gut - that's the best way. Don't listen to your head or heart, as they are too analytical / emotional. Gut reactions often show what we really want to do. Or make us do odd things at parties ...


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I couldn't agree more. My tummy is my ultimate guide and comfort zone, and it never lies. I notice that when I feel in need of reassurance I always hold my tummy.

My tummy says try it, so I will soon be sampling the pleasures of living between two cities.


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The Dancing Tree

So, are you moving out into the "sticks" then? Oddly enough, I am kind of in this situation now. Although I like visiting towns / cities, I don't actually like being there for longer than I have to. But then villages often lack the convenience (such as a train station).

Currently, I live in a town with the facilities of a village and the public ransport links of a small wok (ie: very few).

My gut feeling is that I have to go but I don't know where. My company is moving soon so I guess I'll follow them. Mind you, they might move to Basingstoke and my brain, heart, and gut are all in definite agreeance that I shall not be moving there! smiley - smiley


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I've decided to live between London and Brighton, which I guess isn't really the sticks. It seems like a great town full of yummy people, but I guess I was just nervous about a change as I have lived in London for so long.

I think most people's relationship with London is 'love-hate' most of the time, but it does get under your skin. I love the anonymity, the friends it has taken years to get to know, the human wildlife, the partying and the choice. I hate the pollution, the tube and the noise.

My affection for London is based around this being the first place I have ever lived that feels like home. I live in Brixton and always breathe a deep sign of relief to get back south of the river.

However most of this smacks of nostalgia and I haven't burnt any bridges so here I go.

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