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Lord Preston

hey omy, just wondering whether you are around or not? miss ya!
Lord P smiley - cheers


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the other omylouse "multiply (1*6) by (6*1+0+3)!"


I am around very very sporadically... I have waaaaaaaaaaay too much work to do this year & nowhere near the time available to do it in. For some reason I think they hate us final year biologists! *sigh*

I shall try to pop in now & then to say hi though! Hows life treating you?

smiley - hug & smiley - toffeeapple


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Saint Patrick Patron Saint of Depression: Here to haunt your dreams and stalk your waking hours

they hate everyone doing final years


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Lord Preston

lifes good, at uni all is fun and games at the mo. miss australia tho, but i dont remmber seeing one smiley - toffeeapple over there, so its prob 4 the best that i came bk.
so u got ne idea bout wot ur gonna do afta you compleat your year? mayb do a masters? :P
hows your love life going? its not 2 bad for a n ol' lord like myself, i kinda have a lovely lady... kinda, lol, we'll see how things go, *puffs on a cigar thoughtfully* dont you just miss the younger days, when we were innocently rebelling against the system to gain a simple wants.... ahhh the old country, what a place,
anway i must b off essays to do, courses to fail.
talk to ya soon my dear omy

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