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Still kickin'!

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Hello, anyone who might hear this! Howdy!

Wow. I just logged in so my account will survive some great migration that agcBen let me know about - thank you, Ben. smiley - smiley How's everyone doin'?

The last time I was here, I think was about six years ago when I lived in Portland, and was in graduate school. In 2006, I moved up to Seattle and finished my M.S. thesis from there. Just the other day, I heard from my adviser in Portland that someone has submitted a paper to a journal, in which they cite my thesis, and prove a conjecture that I made. Pretty cool, huh?

In Seattle, I played in a band, taught at a high school, and became the regular at a certain bar in the U District who sat down at the end, by the matador painting, studying number theory and working on bourbon and hot wings. Those were good times.

After 2 years in Washington, I was ready to go back to grad school, and I decided to return to the old homeland in Texas. I found a professor at UNT in Denton who studies areas of number theory that I'm curious about, so I applied there, and started in August 2008, after an epic rock and roll road trip that may have shortened my life by at least a week.

Sometime around then I gave up cigarettes after 15 years. Yeah. I cough less now. (I still shamelessly self-mythologize a little, and I'm working on the nail-biting. I'm close, I'd say, but that's a hard one.)

Texas has been good. It's nice to be within 1 hour's drive of both Mother and Sister, and I'm learning lots of math. There's a band I've joined (alt-country a la Gram Parsons, Ryan Adams, Son Volt), and I hope we play shows before long. No name so far.

I still work on Wikipedia, where I've been an administrator since the end of '05. It's good fun, and I'm proud to be one of the few who worked on a first generation web encyclopedia. You know, h2g2 is a lot of things that the wiki upstart will never be, and it was a lot of things for me for 3 crazy years. Just now, it feels really good to be typing here, bathed in the soothing, blue classic goo background...

smiley - cool

Still kickin'!

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Gingersnapper+Keeper of the Cookie Jar and Stuff and Nonsense

So good to "see" you back and 'hear" your news .. You have been busy .. All's the same with me .. I am very fine. My quiet little life .. I came across a news item concerning math and sure thought of you. I will go back through my history and see if I can find it now .. Wish me luck .. ... ............ ..... . . smiley - bubbly . .. ...

Still kickin'!

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Gingersnapper+Keeper of the Cookie Jar and Stuff and Nonsense

Another year and another Day .. Have you heard all the 'buzz'? and have you checked in here again .. I hope so .. And hope all is well with you .. You can also find h2g2 on Facebook now, also .. . . smiley - bubbly . .. ...

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