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well hellluuuuuuu anyone who happens to read this for any reason that i cant think of at the minute.
fantastic luck to get to h2g2 through cheating on my french exam and using altavista babelfish to translate everything and it comes popping up.
as someone probably didnt say "spin my nipple nuts and send me to alaska" cause ive been looking for a site dedicated to the HGTTG since i was just ickle and read it 1st time
still, enuff of this rambling if anyone does read this please reply cause..well.. i dunno really. just to see if there is life out there.
seeya later


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Bald Bloke

Now here's a surprise for you smiley - smiley

I read this for no other reason than to try and tempt you to fill in your introduction.

No one can leave you any messages for you on your home page until you fill in the introduction bit at the top of your page to get rid of the standard note, you know the one that goes "researcher xxx hasn't found time to fill out their page" or something like that.

Once you do I'm sure one of the aces (h2g2's official meeters and greeters) together with a hoard of others will pop round and see you soon
But in the mean time as your new you might want to have a look at the newcomers page
and maybe say Hi in the forums.

Some links you might find useless (or not as the case may be)

If you want to know who's on line at the moment see or you can start the same list from the button at the top of the page.

A list of the busiest forums and most recent edited entries is available on the front page (which you can get to at any time by clicking on the H2G2 logo at the top of the page)

A more detailed list of recent posting etc can be found at

Help in using the site is always available from "Dont Panic" the h2g2 help system which you can get to by clicking the don't panic button on any page.

The Dont Panic FAQ gives a very good description of how to use the site and should be able to solve any problems you have using the site.

And if that doesn't work you can always ask in the feedback forums

The best way I have found to get to know this place is to click on other researchers names (which takes you to their home page) and see where they have been going and contributing to, most of us keep a list of our favorite links on our homepages.

Tip of the Year
Remember if its coloured its probably a linksmiley - smiley

Have Fun
Bald Bloke


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brownie bald bloke. very kind smiley - smiley

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