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Prodigal pal returns!

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Hello Flame (though I note that you're more often going by Pauline these days, which does nullify the cool, secret, online persona thing rather),

I very much doubt that you remember who I am but if you do then; are you still writing? have you had any luck raising the cash to buy an original JV and well, how's things generally?

would love to hear from you!!

(Just got your xmas message of 2004, and a weird one saying that you had left the forum thingy, which I now (and I mean just now this second) understand meant leaving getwriting)


Prodigal pal returns!

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Hello Matt,

Of course I remember who you are, and it's very, very good to hear from you. smiley - biggrin

Everything is good here. I recently moved to Bahrain and I must say I'm loving it here.

I also have my first short story being published in a SF anthology in the UK soon. I have no idea what the book is to be called. All I can do now is to wait for it to be launched. Shame I can't be there for the launch, but such is life.

Wot are u up to these days?

Prodigal pal returns!

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Wow! Published and everything! Fantastic! What's the name of the anthology? Cripes that's fab, did you have to go through a lot of submissions or did they pick it up? Either way its just fantastic news!

I'm pretty good, living in Cambridge (I'm sure you remember Alisons PhD) working for a pharmaceutical company (dull, dull, dull) - not nearly as exciting as living in Bahrain! How did that happen, was it work or partner or just for a bit of variation?

Soo many congrats on the SF anthology business! Is it something I've read?

Really lovely to hear from you,


Prodigal pal returns!

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Hello again Matt,

Cambridge! Wow, I often used to go there shopping. What a shame - we could have perhaps met up for a coffee.

My boyfriend was offered a job here - so here I am. It really has been exciting. I've been here for 3 weeks on Wednesday. I'm creating a journal at the moment - so you can read about my adventures here if you wish. It really will just be about life here through my eyes.

A4926341 - that's the link to my SF story (although there might have been a few editorial changes). I joined a writing group in Norwich and the tutor suggested that I send my story along to an editor that he knew was looking for submissions. Much to my delight he wanted it!!!!

All the stories in the book are about Norfolk, but mine is more speculative than SF. At the moment I have no idea when the book will be out, or indeed what it is to be called. I know all the work has been type set, that's the last I heard.

Hope u have a read.

Right, back to my journal.....


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