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morning Flame....

my journal entries got deleted yesterday .... read em again and thought i'd never seen anything more pretentious in my life!....smiley - biggrin

i think this place brings out my hidden a**hole tendancies!

hope you're having a good day & have a great weekend.....smiley - winkeye



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Afternoon Ian, smiley - smiley

You pretentious? No way!

I'm pottering around and listening to CD's - trying to decide which ones to take with me. Er, ummm, is there room for several hundred in my suitcase? I think not!

Lovely memories to most of them - I'm in fantasy land today. But then what's new? smiley - laugh

You have a great weekend



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hi ... I'm sitting ating lunch trying to balance a diary that only has 5 and a half working days left in it before i go on holiday and somewhere around 475 meetings that have to happen in those days!.... it's scary...!!

chosing your 100 best cds will be fun .... kinda shows us why ipods are so essential .. though i actually dont have one yet!!!

by the way .... i put up a story last night and discovered that to include a charactere in a F C U K t shirt is deemed use of offensive language ...(even in this i had to space it out!)

smiley - laughsmiley - laughsmiley - laugh

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