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Hi Flame

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How are you?

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Hi Flame

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If you get the chance you might want to read the above story. (link provided) It's superb.

Hi Flame

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jeez flame....

you're still doin the do for my stuff....

you rock!

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Flame I read that story recommended by you by Ianhimself.... It was thought provoking, moving and I found myself slipping into the imagery of that time, not knowing where the story was leading, but lead it did.

I found myself wondering at first whether the story teller was on a sexual adventure (as I am sure many of the readers would at the beginning of his tale!) Not many of us were involved in the realities of his piece, physically or emotionally, nor were we aware of the realities of those who were. I myself had some insight of those days albeit through a third party. and the destruction I saw of that person was slow and profound. The person I am referring to didn't lose his physically life but he lost everything that was him. The destruction of the innocence of people can only be imagined by most of the human race (thank God). The innocents will always suffer. war will always ensure that. I am writing this several weeks after reading Ian's story and it sticks in my mind as it must stick in his gut.

Events such as Ian was describing affected many, many people. Like the tentacles of a octupus he reaches out and touches those who may never have been touched. Ian has a gift, and with his gift he can awaken our consciousness.

Hi Flame

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i love your name marianne.....

plus of course your kind words!

Hi Flame.... you still alive and in England?

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