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I'm getting so old :-(

I am no longer a student...

smiley - erm

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Isn't it quite ironic

It's now midnight, and I have an assignment due tomorrow, which I haven't started, on a legal topic which I voluntarily and nerdily wrote a guide entry on about 6 years ago when I was an over-enthusiastic small person. And now I actually urgently have to research and write about this issue, and I'm not doing so at all. Even though I'm about a month off finishing the degree which 6 years ago I thought I wouldn't even get into, and Small Niwt would be in awe, I have no motivation. Plus my writing style and knowledge aren't much improved, which is depressing.

Life is a bit strange.

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I have too many feelings and not enough room in my head!

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I've been quoted in the Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change!

I looked up the journal article in question and it is in fact my short and silly contribution to that collaborative entry that was quoted! In fact, "tipping in Australia is basically non-existent" has made its way around the internet:

I've started to influence Australian tipping etiquette with a brief comment I made online as a strange...the internet is a funny place.

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Niwt Niwt Niwt Niwt Niwt


Uh oh is that intelligible modern English? smiley - erm

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