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Found H2G2. Embarassed self by enthusiastically jumping into conversation that was a year old. Must remember to look/click past first 20 entries and read most current material...

Found M2M2 and escaped narrowly resisting temptation to add myself to homophobe hitlist.

Having fun making entries to old dangling conversations that have been abandoned.

Am so pleased to find a site with intelligents. And educated input! Pleasure to read even the pedants on Grammer/GrammAr an' spelin.
(Must resist temptation to campaign for more understanding and tolerance from Anglophonies. Persons like self, 4 hoom English is a secunded language (eg:Canadians), should not be biting the handsome like sum rabid "Spanial In The Words".)

Tell people what they want to hear and you will be popular.
Tell people what they need to know and you will be respected.
Listen to what people are saying and you will be loved.
Pretend to listen to what people are saying and then tell them what they think they want to hear and you will be a politician.

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