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welcome to h2g2 Steve...

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Seven of Nine [(1x52)-2-8]x1=42!

Hello and welcome to h2g2.
I can see you have already been greeted but I have some links for yousmiley - biggrin
My name is Seven of Nine and I am a Guardian Angel, a Researcher like yourself {only I've been here a little longer} who has unofficially volunteered to meet and greet newcomers.
The official group are called the ACES and they can be found here:
Once you have found your way around the Guide, you may feel like contributing an Entry or two. Go here: for more information.
If you have any questions or just feel a little lost or lonely, please don't hesitate to ask.
Here's a good place to start: a page for newcomers.
There are people here who just love to help other people.
Interesting pages: Amy the Ant's Library and Museum - for posting questions to the community at large.
If you need help setting up your homepage, there's the excellent clinic :
The Quick Reference Guide:
Colonel Sellers Overwhelmingly Huge Guide to h2g2 clubs: {if you enjoy a pastime that is not in there, feel free to start your own club}
Claim your Keeper Title here: {I am the Keeper of Seahorses}
Please post your birthday at: then you should get at least one birthday greeting... smiley - star
If you require more information about the Guardian Angels, their homepage is here:
Last but not least, how to make the smileys: - magic
Have fun hitchiking around!smiley - flyhi

welcome to h2g2 Steve...

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Thanks for the welcome, everyone keeps popping by and saying hello, its good to see such a community spirit here. Now, all i need to do is learn to type properly, and i'll be well away smiley - smiley

As for birthdays, I gave up celebrating them years ago, they kept making me older, now i just stick to my current age, and don't bother with them. Doesn't seem to be working smiley - sadface but i keep trying.

welcome to h2g2 Steve...

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Seven of Nine [(1x52)-2-8]x1=42!

Well I suggest you still post your birthday, as then we have an excuse for a party. Celebrating online is great, no-one will ask how old you are. It doesn't matter if you're 15 or 99.
People will be dropping by all week, as you are on the online list with a "new this week" notification by your name.
That's how I found you!
After this week it'll be a little quieter, as you'll be venturing out more, finding interesting threads, forums, stories, parties...did I tell you what a great place this is?
Just refresh this thread if you want to chat to me again smiley - winkeye
Seven of Ninesmiley - angel

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