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No Emotional Support from Squirrels

Our friends at have spread the news: squirrels are not 'emotional support animals', according to Frontier Airlines.

In the US at least, 'emotional support animals' are the latest thing. This is good news for cat and dog lovers who need to travel with their furry friends and don't trust airlines to keep them safe in the baggage compartments. Besides,

Lola, Molly, and TJ would have a fit if relegated to baggage. Travelling by car with cats is bad enough: I can't imagine them on planes. That constant meowing at six-second intervals might sound like a weapon of mass destruction. We once shared a very long flight from Athens with our cat Niki. She wasn't a 'support animal'. We just bought her a 'pet ticket'. She was the hit of the flight - the flight attendants insisted on letting her out of the carrier because she was so cute. She rewarded them by jumping over the seat in front of us and watching the in-flight movie alongside a startled passenger.

Anyway, I refuse to do what I'd have to do to register the critters as 'support animals'. You have to have a letter from a brain care specialist. No, thank you. They'd probably want to keep me for observation. Here's some info on the process, and a warning about scammers:

Anyway, squirrels are out. Frontier Airlines stopped the flight and removed the lady and her squirrel. She talked about it to the media. This anti-rodent prejudice is somewhat narrow-minded on their part, methinks.

What do you think? Would you be uncomfortable flying with a squirrel? I know Paulh would. He's always bad-mouthing squirrels, rabbits, and most other forms of backyard wildlife.

What would Rocky the Flying Squirrel say to all this? And would they certify a moose, come to think of it?

smiley - dragon

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Monday Wit and Parody

Here's a bit of Monday wit from the extremely talented Don Caron of 'Parody Project':

Yes, the subject is serious, and he's right. Yes, those nitwits need to be stopped.

But you can't help admiring the sheer style of this parody. I never liked that song before.

'...that makes them tend to leave their sleeping brains rolled up and stashed behind their couch', indeed....

The wigs get better all the time, too. Check out his channel at

PS for FWR: Yep, he did 'Black Sabbath'.

smiley - dragon

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This Beats Singing in the Shower

Here's a cultural experience I thought I should share. A Midwestern farmer built a new grain bin, and decided the acoustics must be pretty good in there. So he invited the local college choir over to sing in it. The result was frankly awesome:

The song is 'Down to the River to Pray', which you may know from 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?'

What a venue. What a cool video.

smiley - dragon

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Short Deadline, But Calling UK Photographers

They're passing this info around on Twitter, and I thought you UK photographers might be interested.

W*k*p*d** is offering cash prizes for monument photos. Deadline is 30 September.

Of course, if you send them to W*k*, we want some, too....


smiley - dragon

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At the Risk of Infuriating Florida Sailor....

...I'm praying that y'all can see this gem from John Oliver which mocks the Sunshine State:

In case I haven't said it enough lately, we are forever grateful to the UK for sending Oliver our way. Seriously, we don't know how we'd manage these days without him.

Two things stuck out in this video: the guy rampaging in a liquor store with a loaded alligator (or at least the guy was loaded), and the fact that 'Way Down Upon the Swanee River' is actually the state song of Florida. Shame on you, Stephen Foster. That goes double for your map-reading. I'm laughing so hard I can't stop....

As for that governor and the rest of that board, I'm thinking they'd better hope they have good answers when they come before another review that might say, 'Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.'

Just sayin'.

PS What really annoys me? The implied assumption that all those convicted felons would vote Democrat, so the politicians should keep them from voting. I'll bet they wouldn't, either. I'll bet quite a few of them were card-carrying Republicans before they got caught. smiley - winkeye

PPS If you can, spare a thought and/or a prayer for the Carolinas. That is a big hurricane, and the Hoggetts are headed into it. Fortunately, the wedding is in the Appalachians...

smiley - dragon

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