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Weather Update

Of course, the furnace picked the first snow day this fall to go out. Of course, it took most of the day to get it repaired. We now have heat again, and are very grateful to Steve for his brilliant repair work.

Farmer Hoggett says, 'Of course it's snowing. It's November now.'


Rosa Baggins calls people who like snow 'chionophiles'. I call them ridiculous.

Autumn around here lasts about three days. You wait and wait for the leaves to turn. When they do, sure as shooting, it's gonna snow.

Here's my video complaint:

Grump, grump.

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The Loneliness of the 11-foot-8 (3.5m) Bridge

To the good people of Durham, North Carolina:

This is not why we moved away.

But it is why we keep revisiting. And being glad we don't have to drive your weird roads anymore.

Note: they've put up flashing lights and a sign that says, 'Overheight. Must Turn.' They turn the light red to give the drivers time to think.

Still the bridge devours Ryder trucks and campers. It is now a Thing, thanks to that German guy with the cameras outside his business premises.

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NaJo 2018

NaJo has started. Links will be found on the Create page, which is accessible from the Front Page or the Editorial page of the h2g2 Post.

The Post's first post can be found at A87921471

The list of daily entries will be at this page: A87920841

Photos are coming in, and we expect this month's series to be yummy. smiley - smiley

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A Word About Squirrel Hill

Yesterday morning, according to Bari Weiss of the New York Times, the Torah portion Jews were reading everywhere was about the visitation of Sarah and Abraham by three angels in disguise. Sarah and Abraham offered the strangers hospitality: the strangers announced a miraculous birth. Another birth was being celebrated at a bris in the Tree of Life synagogue in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, when a gunman came in and opened fire.

Pittsburgh is in shock. Support is pouring in for the neighbours in the section of the city where a third of the Jews in the area live. Fred Rogers lived there, too. So does the current mayor. It's a wonderful neighbourhood: I used to visit it often as a university student and have happy memories.

The Jewish community in Pittsburgh is as friendly and open a group as any in the ethnically diverse city. They taught me Yiddish. Members of that community shared their knowledge and friendship. My Yiddish professor - who was a member of the faculty in our German department - even suggested that I take up Jewish Studies. I find that broad-minded, since I'm not even Jewish. She helped me to develop a lifelong academic interest in Judaica.

We used to get bread from the Russian bakery, and deli meals at Izzy Cohen's, and go to the cinema on Murray Avenue. The only words of criticism I ever heard came from Jews. My Hebrew professor, who was an Israeli from Petah Tikvah, was put off by the poor level of Hebrew spoken on Murray Avenue.

'That woman asked for 'hollies' in the bakery,' he complained huffily. 'And they gave her a challah!'

One Christmas in the early 70s, a writer friend and mentor was asked for a ride after the English department's Christmas party.

'Oh, Lois, you're Jewish, too, you can give me a ride home to Squirrel Hill.'

Lois lived practically next door to the Cathedral of Learning, and replied saucily, 'I don't have to live in the ghetto!'

Better times.

We're all heartbroken about what happened yesterday. There is mourning going on, and the city will rally around. But they won't let hate in. I thought you might like to know a little bit about this place besides the headlines.

May there be peace.

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Found Music

Watch this. It's called 'Catcerto':

This video comes from Lithuania. The conductor/composer is Mindaugas Piecaitis. The soloist is named Nora. I looked up the backstory: Nora's people contacted the composer about their talented kitteh. He asked for a video. The 'catcerto' was composed around the video.

Now, isn't that cool?

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