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Subbing Political Correctness

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A87998756 - Political Correctness in the Early American Republic, or, How to Be 'Woke' in 1830
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I always thought that being woke in 1830 involve setting your alarm for 6:30am and not realising that it was inadvertently set to 24 hour mode...


Subbing Political Correctness

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

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I imagine most alarm clocks in 1830 involved roosters. smiley - laugh The electric alarm clock wasn't invented until the 1920s. A Frenchman invented a mechanical alarm clock in 1847, but it didn't cross the ocean...

In the UK and North America, most city people used a 'knocker-upper', who banged on your door or window, sometimes with a pea-shooter. Now there's a time-travel job for you... smiley - evilgrin

I think the oldest 24-hour clock you could make that joke about would be the Prague Orloj, constructed in 1410. So the Czechs were 'woke' before anybody else, which probably meant they got up early to throw people out of windows...smiley - run

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