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But *are* cats and dogs all that sensible?

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paulh. Following butterflies through the meadows

Hi, Dmitri.

In the first paragraph of the latest issue of the Post, you write
"Why are people less sensible than dogs and cats?"

Is it because people can't answer the Mad Hatter's question about the similarities between a raven and a writing desk? (of couyrse, this begs the question of whether cats or dogs would do better. I don't want to insult cats and dogs, so I will regard the matter as moot)

Or because our paws are insufficient for digging a hole to bury a bone in?

Or because (with the possible exception of Papageno) we humans are not fast enough to catch birds with our extremities?

Ah, but there is no particular reason to see the question as a serious one. Every trashy celebrity magazine that I see while waiting in a supermarket check-out aisle forms questions in the same exact way. Almost every time, they mean "how" rather than "why," as no one can tell you why celebrities do or say what the trashy magazines allege that they did.

You want people to read the Post. I cant blame you, and in fact I usually hope you will succeed, Dmitry. If this means that my cerebral wiring ties itself in knots to make sense of nonsensical questions, well, I rationalize that it all keeps me on my toes. When I *do* eventually get on my toes, I will insist that you watch me interpret "Sleeping Nutcracker Lake." Words will be insufficient to describe the fiasc...I mean event. smiley - evilgrin

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But *are* cats and dogs all that sensible?

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