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Amending Edited Entries

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I came across this on the WWW. Where can I send it.

An Important Update/amendment is required to Entry A412796 Driving Etiquette - France
A new amendment to french speed law Origin - .

Warning new speed limits. The speed limit on French secondary roads – the two-lane highways (eg ordinary country roads) that criss cross 400,000 km of the country – has been reduced from 90km/h to 80km/h as of 1 July 2018.Jul 4, 2018. The entry is quoting a higher legal speed.

Can you send the e-mail to send it and I thought it might be a little something to put in the POST for the travelers.

Amending Edited Entries

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

Go to Editorial Feedback at A388334

Make a new convo thread. The subject line should be:

A412796 Driving Etiquette - France

Put this information in the convo thread.

The curators will work on it. smiley - smiley

Amending Edited Entries

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Thanks DGsmiley - smiley

Amending Edited Entries

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

Oh! The subject line should be:

EF: A412796 Driving Etiquette - France

Anytime, Bob. smiley - hug

Always good to update the Guide!

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Amending Edited Entries

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