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Life Is Like a Mountain Railroad?

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

Youtube throws up wonderful surprises in between the cat videos and fake ghosts. Take a look at this:

I'd never seen anybody do this before. I wish I could ride a bicycle. Elektra said the video was pretty, but she didn't fancy riding a bicycle over a gorge, no matter how breathtaking the view.

The song is 'Life Is Like a Mountain Railroad'. According to, the lyrics were written by ME Abbey, a Baptist preacher who appears to have been overfond of transportation metaphors: another of his lyrics is called 'Roll on the Gospel Chariot'.

'Mountain Railroad', much to my childhood chagrin, was popular in the oldy days, and therefore much-requested. It's found in 73 hymnals, according to Hymnary. Willie Nelson has recorded it, among many others. Most people know the lines, 'Keep your hand upon the throttle and your eye upon the rail.' Here are the rest of the lyrics:

In this case, I think they should sing:

Life is like a trailbike railroad,
It takes energy to ride.
You must also keep your balance,
Or down the hill you'll slide.
Watch the tracks ahead alertly,
For old cans and rusty nails,
Keep your feet upon the pedals,
And a sharp eye on the rails.

PS If you're interested in union history, there's a union version of this song which makes me chuckle.

'Watch the rocks, they're falling daily
Careless miners always fail
Keep your hand upon the dollar
And your eye upon the scale.'

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Life Is Like a Mountain Railroad?

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Hi Dmitri thanks for that! Looks exciting, some breathtaking views there. Looks a mite dangerous also! Me, I'm still okay with going up mountains on foot!

Life Is Like a Mountain Railroad?

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Prof Animal Chaos.C.E.O..err! C.E.Idiot of H2G2 Fools Guild (Official).... A recipient of S.F.L and

1st video - WOW! Sod the exercise, just the view and openness smiley - magicthe total 110% serenity of the experience.

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Life Is Like a Mountain Railroad?

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