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After spending the last two years honking on how much I love it, I finally own the original Bedazzled, which was finally released on videocassette a few weeks back, shortly before the awful-looking remake was released in the theatres.

I really hate remakes. And for some reason, every movie coming out these days seems to be either a remake of an old one, or a remake of a television show that really wasn't very good to begin with. This particular situation, however, bothers me more than a little, since I haven't seen anything mentioned in the press or trailers that the new one is, in fact, a remake.

It's really too bad. In my opinion, they got it right the first time.

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I couldn't believe they remade 'Get Carter' with Stalone, I mean how could they? Not that I've ever watched the original I just like to complain smiley - winkeye

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beetle, return of

Not all re-makes are bad. At least in music. Covers, i think they call them. But movies....

I'm trying to think of a well make re-make. I haven't seen Sabrina remake (with Greg Kenear and Harison Ford), which was supposed to be a good movie. I am waiting to see the sci-fi channels mini-series of Dune (in december (sort of a switch, from movie to television)). Hmmm. There was a remake of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington on the Simpsons with Mel Gibson, but it was poorly recieved.

Young Frankenstein was a good remake of the old Frankenstein movie. I really can't think of any. Unless you are considering the tv to movie thing in which case i think the Addam's Family movies were done rather well.

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well, I would have to say that I saw charlie's angels last week, and to say that it really, truly sucks is a more-than-slight understatement.

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