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Im Back

They locked me up.
They welded the lock.
The key was made of gold.
In a misunderstanding it was turned to lead.
It was used in a battery.

But im here.
I the minor deity of parity bits
Lord of dimension 5.5
and wench25 (apparently her best number)

Born of dead stars
I have been around in one form or another since the begining of time.

Im Back.

or My net privilages were removed.

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Latest reply: Sep 28, 2005

Bike riding

I tried riding a bike again today.

Well its better than last time as in I actually started it got clutch to bighting point and went a bit. there was one point were I let the throttle on and then dropped it on my foot. But did getting it on further. then my foot hurt a lot annd i had to stop

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Just did a 10hr shift in a resturant kitchen for a wedding. Whish I was back at colledge they give you breaks there. and now have to lance a blister i got from a hot pan.smiley - wah

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to day I was prepared for an exam i'd revised a little got an early night and in genral been good now I find that I'm working 24 hours out and that my exam is not till tommorow well hey hum it could be worse it could have beem yesterday.smiley - erm

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