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A fish fan & do I see a Red Dwarf Fan aswell??

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Emily...overly fond of the ellipsis...and top ten lists...submit yours @ A87824361...

You should join the Save The Fish Campaign.....


Ok I'm Halo PS of Lucky Charms or as many peeps know me...Emily, I'm here so you can ask me about any quires about h2g2, HTML or anything!

Here is a list of useful links although you can use the h2g2 search engine and you can also use the links on my home page.

This is where you find me

This is the online list so you can see which other peeps are online when you are

You know all the groovy smilies everyone is using smiley - winkeye well you can still use the old simple codes but for even groovier ones go tosmiley - biggrin

Thinking about becoming a fellow angel go this link at anytime and apply

I you fancy joining the Helpers of the Lonely & Blue then go to

I am soon to update my front page so you will be able to find links to my friends on h2g2 and there is also a link to other guardian watch this space.

I hope I'll have been some help


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A fish fan & do I see a Red Dwarf Fan aswell??

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