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Car Crash

I will be away for who knows how long, I have been involved as the victem of a high speed hit and run that sent me, my car, and my girlfriend down an embankment and into a tree... We both are perfectly fine but the car is totaled...


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I've not written much lately, and I will probably have to slow down a bit because of some great news. I was at the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America state competition in California and won first place in the Job Interview contest. So I go the nation competition in Kansas city Missouri in June for a week. I also am now a state officer of the club and have a lot of work to do there too... it was great fun, I will still be writing though of course!

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As of March 2nd, 2001 I have gotten together with, officialy the girl of my dreams. Catrina is her name and though it took 2 years... it was worth it. I love her more than the guide itself. Wish me luck with this curly brown haired, brown eyed goddess!

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Well... finally got my entry on the musician Syd Barrett posted... and complete. I'm hoping now that it gets into the edited guide because that would mean a lot to me... hopefuly I can have time to do more work on here now that my family problems are starting to cool down.

I'm also starting to get ready for college... it looks like I won't have the money (or grades cuz I'm lazy... only a 3.4 GPA because I don't do my homework) to go where I want to go so I might be moving somewhere and going to Community College for 2 years and going that route... my test scores are good enough... just my lack of homework skills has screwed me over!

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Well it has been a while since I was on due to family problems... I hope to be able to submit something worth while soon... but it is hard because I have exams coming up and the fighting between my seperated parents makes it hard to find time... stay tuned...

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