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Being 6 months pregnant, and having previously given birth to two children, it occured to me that I have once again, volunteered myself, to undergo copious amounts of PAIN. Having been there twice before, I ask myself, what in the world possesed me to do this again. It isn't that I've forgotten what it was like, although medical books state that this is the case, believe me, when you have suffered pain like that it would take a very heavy blow to the head to make you forget about it.

I think that when my partner and I decided to have a third child I was so caught up in the thought of having a new baby that the down side, such as the birth, never crossed my mind. I am, the eternal optomist, only thinking of the good things. Now however, as the day of recconing gradually approaches, the pain which i will have to suffer, and the fear of that pain, move gradually to the forefront of my mind.

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