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Jedi Jade and her daemon Thras AKA Dr. Amelia T. "Bermuda" Rangel

My! What an amusing name...!

(...And if a submersible toaster ever actually hits the market, please let me know...)

But anyway...

You're new. I'm not so new. If you have any questions, you can ask me. *smilez* I'll be happy to help you. (Mostly because I really like your name...)

Have fun, and way the Force (Or Shwartz, whichever you prefer,) be with you!

(Mara) Jade


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submersible_toaster (Keeper of the Underwater Appliances)

marketing the submersible toaster....hmmm - sounds like the fast track to finiancal ruin...I'll give it a bash!!

No, really - the submersible toaster is just an allegory. so it goes, engineer'd by designers or design'd by engineers - either way it will end up being assembl'd by idiots. It's no use making something idiot proof because guaranteed , for every idiot out there, there's at least one bloody idiot, and nothing is bloody idiot proof. It just isn't practical to make complicated things easier for people to use, given that people seem capable of screwing up even the most simple things.

The solution - let them learn or PERISH!

That's the submersible_toaster project's current application, writing code that writes music and then giving the user a few arbitary controls to adjust the way the code produces it's output.

Sadly the software is stil under development (and looks like it will be for QUITE some time)

The Schwartz is with me always.

-- i always wanted to be somebody, i should have been more specific --


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Jedi Jade and her daemon Thras AKA Dr. Amelia T. "Bermuda" Rangel

*laughs, is insanely glad she made a post on the toaster chap(or chapess, whichever,)'s site*

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