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Sunday again

Seems like Sundays are turning into the "update journal" day. Except, of course, unlike last Sunday, I do actually have stuff to do today. Maybe that's making me *more* likely to update this? Seems probable.

Anyway, what is there to say? Second night out with Lady X (smiley - smiley) went well, I think, although we were both really tired. I enjoyed myself, anyway, and she at least seemed to. Difficult to tell with women sometimes! smiley - smiley Hopefully we'll see each other this coming weekend, when we're less bound by the trains and her having to get up for work, and so on.

Just playing it by ear, anyway, and we'll see what happens.

Workwise, it's been kind of slow. I've done stuff, certainly. Almost managed to sort out the stuff for dealing with equality. Well, I *did* sort it out, except for the cases where you need to compare two equality literals. But that's never actually relevant in the cases we've got so far, so it's not really a problem.

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Short update

I just thought it might be worth recording here that I'm meeting the lady in question again on Wednesday night, although I'm not quite sure where yet. I ought to be thinking of places to go, shouldn't I?

In other news, I decided to take this weekend off, given that I have actually been working like buggery all week. Only, it suddenly turns out that I don't have anything to do! smiley - smiley I should go to the gym, or something, but for some reason my arms and legs are really sore feeling, and I can't tell if exercise would make them better or worse.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll find something.

Oh, I did, not long ago, finish watching my shiny new Two Towers DVD. Damn good film.

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Had a date on Friday. smiley - smiley Strange to realise, but it was the first time I've ever been on an "official" date, where you really hardly know the person you're with, although you're trying to. In the past, whenever I've asked a girl out for a meal, or whatever, it's always been someone I actually know quite well, and usually in the situation where we're already in some sort of relationship with each other. So as you might imagine, I was a little nervous on Friday.

Turned out I didn't need to be - everything went really, really well. Everything was really relaxed and comfortable. There were no awkward silences, or anything like that, and we had a lot to talk about. I'm now incredibly keen to find out exactly how she felt it went. I mean, she seemed to be enjoying herself as much as I was, and she did say so. But then my usual insecurities take over. smiley - smiley She might have enjoyed Friday evening, but not really felt like anything more, or decided that maybe I belonged in the "just friends" box. I suppose I'll just have to wait and see. Obviously, I'm going to ask her out again, so I imagine I'll get some sort of better picture then.

It's quite difficult not to fall into female-style overanalysis here, of course, but I do have some sort of pride, so I'm going to avoid that as best as I can. smiley - smiley

Wish me luck!

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Back again!

Yes, once more I attempt to resurrect my journal, this time hopefully on a more regular basis than I managed last time I said that. I don't have any specific plans for it, I just thought it'd be something I'd feel better if I did.

To start the trivialities rolling, I will announce the crowning achievement of my day so far. I have tidied my office! Well, my bits of the office. The shelves are neat and organised, the desk drawers are either empty or categorised, various stacks of papers have been split up by subject and put into a filing cabinet, work surfaces are clear and all my trays are visible again. The result of this being that I now have no excuse for not doing any work. Except I really ought to do something about the state of my room at home before I get down to anything serious....

I don't suppose the journal's going to get much more exciting than this, is it? Maybe it's not such a good idea, after all. smiley - smiley

Anyway, I will return soon, probably with more consequential things to say. Adieu!

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I've just seen some ducks. Not ordinarily worth mentioning, but given that we're nowhere near any water (still not that interesting), and more importantly, that they seemed to be in the middle of a lover's tiff, I felt it should be recorded for posterity.

In the middle of the car park just outside the kitchen window were two ducks, one male (drake), one female (whatever the word for female duck is. Probably just "duck", or something) sitting perfectly still. Not actually beside each other - sitting just a bit too far apart, and scrupulously avoiding eye contact in a scarily obvious manner. No doubt in my mind, these are ducks who've just fallen out about something.

The obvious question is of course "what do duck couples argue about?" I'm intrigued.

Although maybe I just need to get out more. That's certainly a possibility. smiley - smiley

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