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Sunday again

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Space Chief, Keeper of the Destructo-Ray

Seems like Sundays are turning into the "update journal" day. Except, of course, unlike last Sunday, I do actually have stuff to do today. Maybe that's making me *more* likely to update this? Seems probable.

Anyway, what is there to say? Second night out with Lady X (smiley - smiley) went well, I think, although we were both really tired. I enjoyed myself, anyway, and she at least seemed to. Difficult to tell with women sometimes! smiley - smiley Hopefully we'll see each other this coming weekend, when we're less bound by the trains and her having to get up for work, and so on.

Just playing it by ear, anyway, and we'll see what happens.

Workwise, it's been kind of slow. I've done stuff, certainly. Almost managed to sort out the stuff for dealing with equality. Well, I *did* sort it out, except for the cases where you need to compare two equality literals. But that's never actually relevant in the cases we've got so far, so it's not really a problem.

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