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Space Chief, Keeper of the Destructo-Ray

Yes, once more I attempt to resurrect my journal, this time hopefully on a more regular basis than I managed last time I said that. I don't have any specific plans for it, I just thought it'd be something I'd feel better if I did.

To start the trivialities rolling, I will announce the crowning achievement of my day so far. I have tidied my office! Well, my bits of the office. The shelves are neat and organised, the desk drawers are either empty or categorised, various stacks of papers have been split up by subject and put into a filing cabinet, work surfaces are clear and all my trays are visible again. The result of this being that I now have no excuse for not doing any work. Except I really ought to do something about the state of my room at home before I get down to anything serious....

I don't suppose the journal's going to get much more exciting than this, is it? Maybe it's not such a good idea, after all. smiley - smiley

Anyway, I will return soon, probably with more consequential things to say. Adieu!

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