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You can call me TC

My sister had agreed to spend a weekend in London with me as my birthday present (when I was 60 last November).

I flew over on Friday and we met for afternoon tea, then we went over to Cambridge circus and the whole theatre scene, to find somewhere to eat and then go to see the Commitments - which I had been wanting to see and she was not averse to either. We are finding out that we like the same things a lot. Funny that.

We had a meal in a 'thirties-style restaurant (at least that's what it claimed to be). The food was OK, except we both had the sole and it was rather overcooked and dry. Upstairs they were holding a 40s-style "party like there's no tomorrow" party, and the guests had really gone to town on their costumes - there were American serviceman and people with false moustaches and bowlers (like John Cleese in that sketch with Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett) and the girls in their 40s lipstick and little hats. I didn't think to check if they had seams in their stockings - an absolute must, I would have thought.

The show was great fun - was grinning from ear to ear all the way through. The accents were all over the place, though, even though a couple of the cast were genuine Dubliners.

We stayed overnight at my sister's friend's in Twickenham and on Saturday morning we went back into town and ticked off a couple of things on my "to-do-in-London" list, partly with thanks to Sho's "weekend in London" Journal recently. The first port of call was the Churchill War rooms where we had lunch (soup in tin mugs). First we had been round the exhibition and learned quite a bit about the set-up there and spent time in the Churchill museum, which has lots of details about WC himself, but does not glorify him.

In fact, it describes in no uncertain terms what a cock-up Gallipoli (1915) was, which was master-minded by Churchill himself. The coincidence was that that was the day that London was commemorating the Gallipoli and Anzac days. We weren't sure if all the Harris fencing was for the parade or for the London Marathon which was due to take place the next day. (Not to mention all the OB vans - but they might have been keeping watch in case Will and Kate's baby decided to be born on Anzac day)

Then we crossed over to the South Bank and went to see the Globe Theatre. This again, can't fail to interest so many people on so many levels. We only wished we'd had more time on arriving to go through the exhibition before having to dash downstairs for the next guided tour. Because we were there in the afternoon, by the time we'd finished the tour, the museum was no longer open and the box office was gearing up for people to come in for the evening performance. So I'll definitely go back there.

We ate at a Greek restaurant almost next door and had an impeccable meal at an extremely good rate, considering the location.

We had parked in town so this time we had to find our way out Eastwards to get home. I stayed at my sister's that night, as it would have been too late to go to our Mum's. We went over to Mums on Sunday morning and had lunch. We had stopped for some shopping on the way. I bought her some flowers and chose smoked haddock to cook for her on Sunday evening, something I love but which you can't get at all in Germany.

We even had a smiley - stiffdrink G&T which is something she doesn't drink when she's on her own, but which is a family tradition when we're together in the evening.

And today I flew back home.

My husband had phoned me to say that they had now broken off their bike tour, having got as far as Toulouse. This was partly due to his gear system having broken (just before they were about to attempt the Pyrenees) and torrential rainfall - with worsening conditions, including flooding, forecast for further along their route.

Either one of those one their own would probably not have stopped them, but all that together, plus his companion having developed a cough and a cold, made them decide to come home.

Because they are travelling with their bikes, they are having to take local trains, and will have to stop overnight in Lyons. They had tried phoning a few hotels with no luck, but I continued the search from home and have now found them a place to stay.

I have the whole week off work - Yay!

Son No 2 had announced that he was coming to see us, with baby, of course. So now hubbie will be able to see them, as his original plan would have meant he didn't get back till son and granddaughter had left.

So it'll be a busy week - I'd better get some rest tonight!

Full weekend

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Sho - gainfully employed again

I'm exhausted reading all that.
Isn't the globe absolutely fantastic?

Full weekend

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Bowlers arn't fancy dress!; I wear one sometimes, and W wears his, nearly all the time.... I thought all the English still wear proper head-attire smiley - laughsmiley - silly wow! sounds like a busy time, I'm feeling exausted just thinking about fitting that lot in! smiley - wow

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paulh. Antisocial distancing works a well as the Social kind

But of *course* the sole was dry -- it had been waiting since the Thirties smiley - winkeye.

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You can call me TC

I agree, Sho - thanks for the tip about that. BTW, a ticket for the museum and theatre tour also gets you two quid off a ticket for a performance in the theatre, but for those coming from abroad that's pretty useless as you'd have had to book months in advance.

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Sho - gainfully employed again

oh I didn't know that. Is it only for performances on that day? I could have given mine to my friend, if not.

Full weekend

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You can call me TC

Mmm... Sorry - I've just read the small print on the ticket. It's the other way round. If you have a ticket for a theatre performance you get a two-pound reduction on the admission to the exhibition - valid any time during the relevant theatre season. Makes more sense that way round!

Full weekend

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Sho - gainfully employed again

haha - yes, it does

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