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Tomorrow, isn't it?

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Sho - gainfully employed again

When you get your citizenship papers?
Coincidentally I'm off to the Stadtverwaltung with #2 tomorrow to hand in our applications. smiley - chef and #1 are going on Thursday.

Hope they don't reject us!

Congratulations, anyway smiley - bubbly

Tomorrow, isn't it?

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You can call me TC

Yes - I really should be sorting out something to wear!

We have to swear an oath. I asked hubby if he had to swear it when he was born.

Will report back!

Tomorrow, isn't it?

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Sho - gainfully employed again

oh please do report back, I have a friend who did it in Hannover, they had a little official ceremony.

Here they told me you rock up and they hand it to you in the Kreisverwaltung and … that's it! smiley - yikes
As long as they don't ask me to sing the national anthem I'll be ok

have fun today!

Tomorrow, isn't it?

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You can call me TC

Not exactly "fun", but:

My friend and I were dressed in our Sunday best and were allowed to take our husbands.

There were 71 candidates in all, but the ceremony was solemn though efficient and quick. We had to turn up in the Town Hall at 9 a.m. and present our ID and the invitation.

Everyone had to present at the desk where 3 ladies from the District Council (Kreisverwaltung) were checking everyone's papers (but not terribly thoroughly, if you ask me, but they may have just had trained eyes and you didn't see them looking at details). We had to sign three forms -

1. to say that we would obey the laws of the country etc etc,

2. to give permission (if we agreed) that our photos could appear in the local press and

3. Confirm receipt of the certificate (which, of course, at that point we hadn't yet received)!

The certificates and a little book with the Grundgesetz were then placed on the table in neat piles.

At 10 a.m. the Landrat came in and the boss of the Music School, who had turned up 10 or 15 minutes earlier, played the Adagio from Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata to open the proceedings (I'm no great fan of the Music School teacher's actual piano playing but I doubt any one there was any the wiser).

Then the Landrat made a speech about how diverse and colourful society would become with all these different people joining it, telling us what a tolerant country we live in and that they also expect everyone to integrate, learn the language etc.

We had to stand and pledge allegiance and promise to obey all the laws of the republic. The Landrat spoke the words and all 71 of us (well, probably not the children) repeated them.

Then the pianist played the national anthem (I still don't know the words - the hymn "Glorious Things Of Thee are Spoken" just rushes into my head when I hear the tune).

Then we were handed our certificates. The names weren't called in any particular order, just the arbitrary order we had come in and lined up at the desk.

Each person was only there for a few seconds, shook the Landrat's hand, smiled for the camera, and returned to their seat.

That was it. We were there about 2 hours in all, but most of that was waiting as we were among the first to arrive and put our names down, after which we had to wait.

There were 2 others that I knew from the Brit community, Scotsmen both. Still 4 out of 71 is quite a high percentage for an EU country.

Now I've got to go and get my photo taken and will be back at the town hall to apply for my passport etc tomorrow in the hope that it'll be issued in time for our trip to America in April.

Off to my Mum's on Thursday.

Hope you get yours through before 29 March, although I was told that they have instructions to fast-track British applicants. Good smiley - goodluck Luck!

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