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I'm Really excited. My uncle is a horce trainer, and he trained a horese called Closing Argument, and it ran in the derby today and just came in second place in the derby! Wow! I just had to write that.

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Second day on h2g2

Ok I feel better now. Sorry about my last entry but I was a little huffy. Anyway today I wrote a lot of entires and have started looking for really funny entiries. I wan't to put some peoples entrys up for the Alternatve writing workshop. In other news My Uncle is at the Kentuck derby. He trained a horse. It's number 18. Have greate day and don't panic.

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I am such an idiot.

I have go to start checking the date in covesations. I just replyed to a post about a gir who's grandma died, But It turned out that it was a month old and was totally of topic to what was going on in the coversation. h2g2 if you're reading this, Update the interface so that incident wont happen to any one else!

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My first day on h2g2

Okay this is probaly going to sound stupid, but I'll do it anyway. Today is my first day on h2g2 and it's really cool. I guess since this is a journal I should write about my day. Okay, but it's pretty boring. Today I got half way through the book So long, and thanks for all the fish. The werid thing is that I just started the first book last night, and have read all of them so far in order. So, yeah that's kind of weird. The books are the funniest things in the universe, I litraly burst out laughing in the middle of math class at school. It's a good thing the bell rang at that moment so no one really noticed that I seemed to be laughing at My math teacher (the third one this year) talking about factoring and the propery of zero. Not that anyone was paying attenton to him any way because class was almost over. But the point is that it was my first day on h2g2 after reading half the novels in one day and seeing the movie a week ago. so I'm new. Okay, that's it. Not much but at least it's some thing. Write to you later.

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