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Welcome to h2g2!

You'll find "Ask the h2g2 community" (or just "ask..." it tends to get referred to) a strange beast:

1. Someone might ask a sensible question and get 1 sensible answer.
2. Someone might ask a sensible question and get a mixture of sensible and silly answers.
3. Someone might ask a sensible question and get no replies (has happened! Once or twice...smiley - erm)
4. Someone might ask a silly question and get a flurry of replies instantly (usually during UK working hours) or get no immediate replies (usually over the weekend).
5. Someone might revive an old thread years later and start posting some replies to it.smiley - biggrin

So smiley - dontpanic if you're not getting a real-time converstaion - that's not really the way this site works. You'll see (hear?) vehement protests that this is NOT a chat-room.smiley - cheerup

Have fun!

smiley - star

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