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Welcome to the AWW

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I noticed your posts in the Alternative Writing Workshop and wanted to say, "Welcome!" smiley - smiley I also wanted to ask what kind of reaction are you hoping to get to your posts? As you can can see, the name of the forum includes the word 'Workshop' and most folks post things here looking for suggestions, helpful criticism, etc to help them improve their writing.

Let's use your 'Volgon (sic) Poetry' post as an example. (I think you meant 'Vogon.' Remember, you're in the company of some of the most dedicated DNA fans on the planet here!) I'm not quite sure what your purpose in writing this entry was, but I could offer a few suggestions regarding typos, misspellings and such that you could fix pretty easily:

thrird ---> third
highermthant ---> higher than
there ---> their
elctrtionc ---> electronic
light hearted ---> light-hearted
sanaty ---> sanity
volgon ---> Vogon
poerty ---> poetry
too you ---> to you

The first step to improving our writing is to _read_ it! smiley - winkeye

Anyway, let me know what you hope to gain here. I'm interested.
smiley - smiley

Welcome to the AWW

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Thanks for your advice. I guess I just hit the wrong keys and not notice or something. I'll edit it right away. Thanks again.

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